Two techniques physical therapists use in arthritis pain treatment

Arthritis Pain Treatment

Do your joints feel inflamed, painful and stiff? Are you having difficulty walking, squatting down and doing other normal daily activities? People who answered yes to these questions are likely dealing with some type of arthritis. 

Arthritis isn’t just one single problem. It’s a term used to describe more than 100 conditions, and researchers report that about 67 million Americans will have doctor-diagnosed arthritis by 2025. A physical therapist can help you find effective treatment for pain and other arthritis symptoms. There are two techniques in particular that these specialists could include in your arthritis treatment plan. 

Arthritis pain treatment from a physical therapist can include these two techniques

Arthritis pain can be miserable and debilitating for those who suffer from it, and unfortunately, there is no cure for it. But a physical therapist can build you a customized treatment plan intended to reduce arthritis pain. 

Two of the therapy techniques that can help reduce arthritis pain include: 

  1. Therapeutic exercises — A therapeutic exercise program can increase joint mobility and strength. Your physical therapist can build you an exercise program that addresses all areas of the body. For example, if you suffer from arthritis pain in the knee, your exercise program could focus on the lower back, hip and ankle, in addition to the knee. That’s because all these areas contribute to proper knee control and mechanics. 
  1. Manual therapy — This category of techniques are performed by your physical therapist’s hands. They will use their hands to move your joints. Your physical therapist may also apply therapeutic pressure to the soft tissue around the arthritis joints. Manual therapy has been proven to help patients suffering from arthritis pain. One study of manual therapy for hand osteoarthritis reveals that patients had a more than three-point drop in their pain after one session. 

Ready to find effective arthritis pain treatment? Advent Physical Therapy can help!

Tired of using arthritis treatments that don’t reduce your pain? Our team at Advent Physical Therapy is ready to help you find a more beneficial treatment plan for your arthritis. We offer free screenings to pinpoint the type of arthritis you have. Then, our specialists will build you an individualized physical therapy plan designed to reduce your joint pain and improve your mobility. 

Not able to come to one of our clinics right now? No problem! Our team offers therapy services that you don’t have to leave home to use, including virtual therapy and at-home care appointments. We can even start your physical therapy if you don’t have a doctor’s referral for it. 

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