Balance training: Five exercises your physical therapist might ask you to do

Balance training

Balance is important, because many of the tasks we perform every day rely on steady footing. Do you feel like your balance is off? You may be suffering from a balance or gait disorder. 

Balance training is a form of physical therapy that can help you regain your stability. 

What is balance training? 

Balance training exercises strengthen the muscle groups that are important in maintaining good balance and posture. This includes the core, lower back and legs. Repetition is key in strengthening these muscles. Doing so can increase your stability while standing upright. These exercises can make it easier to walk again after surgery or sustaining an injury. These exercises may also help prevent falls or future injuries. 

Five exercises that may help your balance 

These exercises are popular examples of the balance training recommended by physical therapists: 

  1. Standing on one leg — To ensure your safety, you should always start by using a chair to hold on to. Shift your weight to one leg while the other is raised, and hold the position for up to 15 seconds; then alternate legs. 
  1. Walking heel to toe — Like you’re walking a tightrope, walk forward in a straight line for at least 10 steps. For safety and to decrease your risk of falling, it is a good idea to do this in a hallway or with someone walking next to you.
  1. Marching in place — You should hold on to something. Alternate lowering and lifting your legs like you’re marching, for up to 20 times per leg.
  1. Rock the boat — You should hold on to a countertop or other stable surface. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Shift your weight to one leg, and lift the other off the ground. Move your lifted foot outward for up to 30 seconds; then slowly return it to the ground. Alternate each leg up to 10 times for each side. 
  1. Chair exercises — Incorporating a chair in your exercises can help strengthen your leg muscles. You may try standing up and sitting down without using your hands for support. You can also sit in a chair and alternate lifting your legs up for up to 10 times per leg.

Over time, your physical therapist may suggest increasing the repetition or duration of these exercises. This will help further strengthen your muscles and increase your balance.

Advent Physical Therapy is prepared to help you regain your balance 

Do you want to learn more about how balance training can help you regain your stability? Our team at Advent Physical Therapy can help you learn the proper techniques to manage balance and gait disorders. We offer free screenings that can determine which exercises can best help you. We are prepared to help build a personalized treatment plan to help you regain your balance and confidence. 

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