Common Causes of TMJ Jaw Pain

TMJ Jaw Pain

Chances are, you’re not too familiar with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) until you suffer pain in this area. The TMJ is the part of your jaw that connects your jawbone to your skull. TMJ jaw pain not only hurts but makes it difficult for you to eat and talk. Minor cases of TMJ pain are caused by strain and tend to go away on their own, but more severe cases require medical assistance.

If you have jaw pain near the front of your ear for more than a few days or if the pain is extreme, you should contact Advent Physical Therapy. Our physical therapists are skilled in treating conditions related to the musculoskeletal system, including TMJ jaw pain.

Determining the cause of TMJ jaw pain

At Advent Physical Therapy, your physical therapist will work closely with you to identify the source of your TMJ jaw pain and develop a personalized treatment to assist in your recovery. TMJ jaw pain can occur for many reasons, including the following:

  • Grinding teeth — If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you put unnecessary pressure on your jaw that can result in TMJ jaw pain.
  • Arthritis — Inflammation of the joints can affect the TMJ along with other joints in your body. This inflammation can cause damage to the cartilage in the TMJ, resulting in severe pain.
  • Poor posture — Clenching your jaw or tightening your mouth frequently can cause pain to the TMJ joint. These behaviors are usually associated with stress, so lowering your stress can play a role in reducing and preventing TMJ jaw pain.
  • Crooked teeth — Crooked teeth can cause your jaw to shift and create pressure on the TMJ.
  • Injury — Sudden impacts or whiplash can lead to TMJ pain.

What to do if you have TMJ jaw pain

Most cases of TMJ jaw pain can be treated with nonsurgical procedures, such as physical therapy. If your pain requires surgical treatment, physical therapy can aid you in your recovery.

At Advent Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are skilled at identifying the cause of pain in your TMJ and developing a treatment to help reduce the pain. It’s important that you seek this kind of medical attention since ignoring TMJ jaw pain can lead to greater pain or permanent disability.

Would you like to speak with a team member at Advent Physical Therapy about getting treatment for your TMJ jaw pain? Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our 13 offices located across West Michigan.