Discover 3 PT methods that can ease COVID-19-related back pain

Back Pain COVID

COVID-19 can inflame the nerves in your spine and its surrounding tissue, causing you to experience back pain after having COVID-19. This inflammation is caused by a cytokine storm when your immune system goes into overdrive to fight off the virus. This type of inflammation is responsible for many of the other symptoms associated with COVID-19, including brain fog and heart inflammation.

If you have been experiencing long-term back pain related to COVID-19, a physical therapist can help you with specialized methods to reduce pain.


3 PT techniques for back pain caused by COVID-19

Physical therapists are experts at reducing pain and increasing mobilization. They use specific techniques to do this and support the recovery process. Here are three examples of methods that could be used in your treatment:

  1. IASTM — IASTM stands for instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. It is a method of deep tissue hand manipulation in which practitioners use metal instruments to manipulate the body’s soft tissue to break up adhesions and scarring. Doing so allows for increased flexibility, mobility, and blood flow to the area, as well as helping to release tension and pain.
  2. Therapeutic exercises — Back pain, even COVID-19-related back pain, is often triggered by weak or tight muscles. Often, the muscles in question are in your back. However, they could also be located in the butt, legs and other areas surrounding the back. Your physical therapist can design a personalized therapeutic exercise program for you. This program can help stretch and strengthen muscles in any area of your body that are contributing to your back pain.
  3. The McKenzie Method® — This method focuses on movement and posture for patients with back pain. You will learn to avoid positions that cause symptoms to flare up and focus on movements that make symptoms disappear by learning how to position yourself properly.


Back pain related to COVID-19 can be addressed with a physical therapist. Doing so will help loosen your muscles and ensure that you move with better posture. You may also learn exercises so that when back pain does strike, they’re helpful to relieve it as soon as possible to get back on track.


If you are suffering from back pain caused by COVID-19, it may be time to turn to a licensed physical therapist for help. Come by any one of Advent Physical Therapy’s West Michigan clinics for a free screening. Our team will work with you to create a physical therapy plan that is perfectly suited to your needs.


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