Fight back against deconditioning in Walker, MI

Deconditioning Help

Deconditioning is a serious problem that may be affecting you in Walker, Michigan. If it is, you should know there’s a physical therapy team nearby that can help you with it.

Our team at Advent Physical Therapy has been helping residents of the Standale area of Walker, Michigan with their physical therapy for years now. We’re committed to providing our patients with the best customer service. This means we’ll actually listen to your concerns about your condition or about your therapy limitations. We’ll then use this information to build you a personalized therapy plan that takes your concerns into account. One type of therapy plan we use this process for is the deconditioning therapy we do in our Walker, Michigan clinic. 

How we work to reduce your deconditioning in Walker, MI

Our team at Advent Physical Therapy’s Walker, Michigan clinic is experienced with helping patients with many injuries and conditions. For instance, we’ve helped many patients reduce the deconditioning they experience after they’ve been injured. 

Our team knows quite a bit about deconditioning, but we know that you might not. Deconditioning is the process in which your body loses its aerobic and general physical conditioning. Our team often sees patients who are dealing with this problem after they’ve been injured, after major surgery and as they age. For instance, you may feel less inclined to exercise after you’ve been injured. Then, once your injury has healed, you notice that you can’t lift as much weight or jog as far as you could before. You may even notice that just walking to the mailbox or to your car leaves you out of breath. Our team knows that issues like these are often the effects of deconditioning. We also know that getting yourself back into condition may take you twice as long as the deconditioning process. 

We want to help you reduce the level of deconditioning you experience after injury, surgery or due to aging. This is why our team offers personalized deconditioning therapy to you. Our therapy plans that focus on reducing deconditioning may include therapy methods such as: 

  • Low-impact aerobic exercises like treadmill walking
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Balance training
  • Joint mobilization
  • Therapeutic stretches

By combining these and other therapies, our team may be able to help you keep deconditioning at bay. However, there’s another way that you may be able to reduce your body’s deconditioning. This is to get started with a deconditioning therapy plan in our Walker, Michigan office as soon as possible.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.