Find Post-Op Rehab in Knapp’s Corner in Grand Rapids, MI

Find Post-Op Rehab in Knapp’s Corners

Whether as an elective procedure or because of a physician’s orders, many people choose to have surgery as a treatment option for an injury or medical condition. Most people save surgery as a last-resort option because surgery can be tough on your body. But, when no other options are working, surgery may be your best choice.

If you’re facing an upcoming surgery, you need to be thinking about post-op rehab to help you face post-surgical challenges like loss of strength and coordination.

The team at Advent Physical Therapy has been assisting patients in West Michigan with their post-op needs for more than 19 years. Our physical therapists use modern techniques and technology as part of a comprehensive recovery plan to help improve your quality of life after an operation.

What you need to know about post-op rehabilitation with physical therapy

Generally, the goal of post-op rehab is to rebuild the strength and flexibility of your muscles and ligaments. This helps aid your healing process and helps support your body during recovery. Depending on the nature of your operation, your physical therapist can assist with the following:

  • Rebuilding your strength
  • Improving your flexibility and balance
  • Aiding in pain management
  • Breaking down scar tissue
  • Providing guidance for performing tasks like walking, getting dressed or going to the bathroom on your own again

What to expect during post-op rehab at Advent Physical Therapy

At Advent Physical Therapy, we are passionate and motivated to help you recover after your operation. We believe each patient is a unique individual and deserves personal attention. You can expect an individualized treatment from your physical therapist that works toward meeting your specific needs and goals.

Individual treatments vary depending on the nature of your surgery and other factors like medical history, age and overall health. Many post-op rehabilitation treatments include:

  • Exercises and stretches to strengthen the muscles
  • Cold and hot treatments to help manage your pain
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Manual therapy
  • Patient education and more

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Physical therapy is beneficial before your surgery too. Ask your physical therapist about pre-surgical rehabilitative options.

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