Find Post-Surgical Rehab in Downtown Grand Rapids, MI

Post-Surgical Rehab in Downtown Grand Rapids

If you’ve ever undergone surgery before, then you’re aware of the challenges you face in recovery. Surgery ultimately aims to help improve your health and wellbeing, but it takes a toll on your body. After your surgery, you may experience loss of strength and mobility that inhibit you from living your daily life independently.

If you have a surgery coming up, you should consider seeking assistance from a physical therapist to help you regain your strength and independence after your operation.

Advent Physical Therapy has 13 offices located across West Michigan, each housed with a team that is passionate and motivated to help you. Our team has been serving patients in the area for more than 19 years.

What is post-surgical rehabilitation?

After your surgery, your mind may be ready to jump back into your daily life, but your body won’t be. Physical therapists work with you to help regain your independence, so you can do things like walking, getting dressed or going to the bathroom on your own in a safe manner while you recover.

Depending on the nature of your surgery, the goals of your post-surgical rehab may include:

  • Improving your strength and balance
  • Restoring your range of motion
  • Aiding in pain management
  • Breaking down mobility-limiting scar tissue

How does post-surgical rehabilitation work?

At your first appointment with Advent Physical Therapy, you will meet your physical therapist who will work with you throughout your treatment program. Together, you will discuss your goals, so your physical therapist can develop a personalized treatment to meet your needs.

Other factors like age, medical history and overall health are considered when developing a treatment. Two patients undergoing the same surgery can expect different post-surgical rehab treatments due to who they are as individuals.

Depending on the nature of your surgery and your personal needs, your post-surgical rehab may include:

  • Exercises and stretches to strengthen the muscles
  • Cold and hot treatments to help manage your pain
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Manual therapy
  • Patient education and more

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Physical therapy is beneficial before your surgery too. Ask your physical therapist about pre-surgical rehabilitative options.

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