Five conditions that can be treated with telemedicine physical therapy

telemedicine physical therapy

Aches and pains from chronic conditions that affect your daily life shouldn’t be something you put up with when you’re unable to travel. Whether due to distance, safety or social distancing, when you can’t travel, you should still have access to the treatment you need. That’s why physical therapists, like our team at Advent Physical Therapy, use telemedicine physical therapy services.

Telemedicine physical therapy, also known as virtual physical therapy, is a service that allows patients and physical therapists to connect remotely via the internet. During a telemedicine physical therapy appointment, you’ll meet in live time with your physical therapist via a secure video connection online. They’ll use this to communicate with you, demonstrate exercises and stretches, provide feedback on exercise performance and monitor your progress.

Our team treats many conditions with telemedicine physical therapy, but you might be wondering if we’ll be able to help you with yours. Take a look below at the conditions we commonly treat with virtual physical therapy.

Five conditions we treat with telemedicine physical therapy

  1. Arthritis — Pain and stiffness from arthritis make it difficult for you to live out your daily life and to enjoy your favorite activities. Physical therapy can help you manage arthritic pain and improve your range of motion with therapeutic exercises and other treatments that can be administered through telemedicine physical therapy.
  2. Strains and sprains — Social distancing doesn’t mean injuries can’t happen. You might not be out and about as much, but a fall, trip or slip can lead to a strain or sprain. Physical therapists can use telemedicine physical therapy to guide you through your recovery so you can get back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible.
  3. Back pain — Long-lasting back pain is a source of grief for many American adults. If you’re tired of back pain making your life more difficult, virtual physical therapy offers you the treatment you need to help reduce and prevent back pain.
  4. Headaches — Frequently recurring and long-lasting headaches are often connected to disc pain in your neck. These are known as cervicogenic headaches. Using telemedicine physical therapy, physical therapists can guide you through exercises, stretches and other techniques for treating and preventing headaches.
  5. Post-surgical recovery — Surgery is usually a last-resort option for many people, but sometimes, it’s inevitable. In a situation where you need surgery, you can improve the quality of your recovery afterward with virtual physical therapy from home.


Need treatment for aches and pains but don’t see your condition in the list above? Don’t worry. This list captures some of the most common conditions we treat with telemedicine physical therapy, but we can still help you with yours. Talk to our team today about your condition and find out what we can do for you.

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