Four techniques a Grand Rapids, MI, hand specialist can use to help you

Hand Specialist Grand Rapids MI

Have you ever found yourself opening and closing your fingers and rotating your wrists to try to alleviate your hand and wrist pain? Turns out, you’re not alone. Hand and wrist pain is fairly common and has many causes. 

What causes hand pain?

From stiff joints to difficulty moving your fingers and wrists, hand pain can occur for many reasons. For the most part, hand pain breaks down into two main categories: injury and overuse. 

Hand injuries can occur for almost any reason, but may include a sports injury, a fall or car 

accident. In these cases, you may find that you’ve fractured a bone or ruptured a tendon.

Our hands are one of our most used body parts, so it’s no surprise that they may experience some wear and tear over time, with pain radiating down to the pinky. Those who experience pain related to a repetitive strain injury often work a physically demanding job and may suffer from conditions such as: 

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Tendinitis. 
  • Arthritis.

How a hand specialist in Grand Rapids can help

A hand specialist in Grand Rapids, Michigan, can help you find relief from your elbow, wrist and hand pain through proven techniques and physical therapy. Such techniques may include: 

  • Joint mobilization — a hands-on treatment that is specifically designed to help the body’s joints function better.
  • Soft tissue mobilization — a therapeutic technique that allows the hand specialist to treat both chronic and acute tendon and ligament injuries. 
  • Therapeutic exercise — stretching, strengthening and fine motor training to help address underlying weakness/stiffness associated with your hand and wrist pain.
  • Virtual physical therapy — meeting with a physical therapist via a video link. This type of care allows you to work with a hand specialist from home. 

These are just some of the treatment options provided by our experienced hand specialists at Advent Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids. 

If you are experiencing hand, wrist or elbow pain, know that there is help for you. Reach out to our team to learn how we can help you find relief. We will create a customized treatment plan just for you. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.