Get treatment for your dizziness in Grand Rapids, MI

Dizziness Causes and Treatment

If you have dizziness in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it may not seem like a serious condition. However, our Advent Physical Therapy team knows that dizziness can be caused by serious issues. 

Luckily, we offer treatment for this condition right here in the Knapp’s Corners area of Grand Rapids, Michigan. As with all of our treatments, we bring a dedication to great customer service to our dizziness treatment plans. This dedication is visible in three actions we take when interacting with every one of our patients. First, we really listen to the concerns you have about your condition. Second, we’ll create a personalized therapy plan to directly address your concerns. Third, we provide you with one-on-one support as you work through every step of your therapy plan. By combining these three actions, our team may be able to more effectively treat your dizziness at our Grand Rapids, Michigan office, and we may help you better understand how it’s caused as well. 

Two common causes of dizziness in Grand Rapids 

At Advent Physical Therapy, we know that you may not know why you’re experiencing dizziness. However, before we discuss some things that may be causing your dizziness, we’d like to help you understand exactly what dizziness is. 

Our team knows that dizziness is any sensation of faintness, wooziness or weakness that causes you to feel unstable. We also know that these sensations are closely related but separate from vertigo. Vertigo is actually a kind of dizziness where you feel like your surroundings are spinning or moving on their own. 

Dizziness can be the result of many injuries, conditions or actions. However, our team typically sees two causes of this condition in our patients. The first cause of dizziness that we commonly see is a neurological condition. Neurological conditions are conditions where something is affecting the operation of your body’s nerves. We’ve seen people with neurological conditions such as peripheral neuropathy who also have dizziness for instance. 

We’ve also often seen inner ear problems cause dizziness. Your inner ear is actually one your body’s critical balance centers. Our team knows that this area is delicate, and we’ve seen it affected by problems like head injuries or infections. The patients we see with concussions, for example, often experience dizziness as a side effect of their injury. 

If you’re experiencing dizziness, our team can create a physical therapy plan that may help you treat it. Your personalized therapy plan may include therapies such as: 

  • Balance exercises
  • Joint-mobility exercises
  • Posture-improvement techniques
  • Therapeutic muscle stretches

Our Advent Physical Therapy team is ready and willing to help you treat your dizziness. However, you may not know how to get started with your treatment. One way you can get started is to come by our Grand Rapids, Michigan office for a free 15-minute screening. 

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.