Help for your child’s torticollis in Grand Rapids, MI

Torticollis Therapy

Torticollis is a serious neck condition that may affect your child in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If your child does have this neck issue, you may be searching for a way to help it heal. 

That’s where our team at Advent Physical Therapy in the East Paris area of Grand Rapids, Michigan comes in. We’re proud to offer a range of therapies for many injuries and medical conditions. Whether we’re working with you or your child, our therapy plan goals remain the same. First, we want to help you learn as much about you or your child’s condition as possible. Second, we’ll work to create a therapy plan that brings you the greatest possible level of healing in the shortest amount of time. These two goals are a vital part of what makes up our torticollis treatment plans in our Grand Rapids, Michigan clinic. 

How we treat your child’s torticollis in Grand Rapids, MI

At Advent Physical Therapy, our team knows that helping your child deal with torticollis is hard on parents in Grand Rapids, Michigan. However, our team believes that helping you and your child understand his or her condition may lighten the burden on both of you. 

Our team knows that torticollis is a neck condition that primarily affects children. It’s also known by our team as wry neck, and the condition is a result of damage or underdevelopment in two muscles in the neck. One muscle involved in torticollis is located at the front of the neck and is called the sternocleidomastoid muscle. The other muscle that’s commonly involved in this condition is the trapezius muscle located along the top of the shoulder. 

The most prominent symptom of this condition that our team sees is that it affects your child’s chin position. What we usually see is that your child’s chin is being pulled toward either the left or right shoulder. Other common symptoms of torticollis that our patients often have are limited head range of motion, headaches and neck pain. 

There’s another factor that our team believes may help reduce the burden torticollis places on you and your child. This factor is the knowledge that our team can help with this condition. Some of the treatments that our torticollis treatment plan for your child may include are: 

  • Range of motion, strength, posture and alignment exercises
  • Electrical stimulation therapy
  • Manual manipulation of the head, neck and shoulders
  • Ultrasound therapy

Using these and other therapies, our Advent Physical Therapy team can create a personalized plan that may help improve the symptoms of your child’s torticollis. But, there’s something that may help you child even more. This is making sure you bring your child in to see us as soon as possible. 

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