Methods used in carpal tunnel treatment in Walker, MI

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Methods

Carpal tunnel treatment is becoming increasingly necessary as today’s computer-using workforce is developing this condition much more frequently. If you live in Walker, Michigan and you’re dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, there’s a team nearby that can help you treat this condition.

Advent Physical Therapy has a location in Walker, Michigan that’s here to help with your work-related injuries. We can help you learn more about your injury, treat your injury and, many times, find ways to keep it from coming back. One of the most common work-related injuries we see is carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, our team has many physical therapy techniques at their disposal, and these techniques can be used to create a personalized carpal tunnel treatment plan for you.

Some techniques used in our carpal tunnel treatment plans in Walker, MI

Before we talk about techniques it can be used for your carpal tunnel treatment, it may help if you know some basic information about this condition. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the pinching and irritation of a nerve in your wrist, which is called the median nerve. This nerve runs through a narrow passage on the palm side of your wrist. The narrow passage is called the carpal tunnel, and it’s this that gives the condition its name.

Improper wrist posture is the most common reason your median nerve becomes compressed and irritated. For instance, this could be the result of too much typing where your wrists are not in a neutral or flat position. This nerve can also be pinched if you overuse your wrist. Overuse is especially common in workers who place lots of strain on their wrists, such as construction workers. It’s also common if you move your wrist in one way over and over while at work. The compression of your median nerve due to improper wrist posture or wrist overuse can cause several different symptoms. These symptoms may include numbness, tingling and pain in your hand, wrist or arm.

Overall, carpal tunnel syndrome can be bad for your work and home life. To help treat this condition, Advent Physical Therapy uses evidence-based physical therapy techniques. This means that we’ll use therapy methods that have worked for other carpal tunnel sufferers we’ve worked with. Some of the therapy techniques we may include in your treatment plan are:

  • Therapeutic exercises and stretches
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Electrical stimulation 
  • Dry needling
  • Wrist posture education

By combining these physical therapy techniques, our team may be able to help you shorten your recovery time. We also make it easy for you to begin your treatment. In fact, we offer free 15-minute screenings for carpal tunnel syndrome and other work-related injuries. Contact the Advent Physical Therapy team at 1175 Wilson Ave. NW in Walker, Michigan to schedule your free screening and get started with your carpal tunnel treatment today.