Neck pain treatment in Ada, MI

Neck Pain

Finding effective neck pain treatment in Ada, Michigan, does not have to be a struggle. Advent Physical Therapy has skilled therapists who are able to provide effective treatment regardless of the reason for your neck pain. With decades of combined experience, the Ada office of Advent Physical Therapy can offer specialized neck pain treatments that can help you relieve your neck pain symptoms.

Ergonomic recommendations

Diagnosing the root cause of your pain is vital to providing effective neck pain treatment. One of the most common causes of neck pain is poor posture, and your therapist can identify and recommend changes in your work or home that can help correct and relieve your neck pain symptoms.

If you sit down at a desk in front of a computer screen the majority of the day, ergonomic recommendations may include:

  • Adjusting the height of the monitor or keyboard position for better posture
  • Implementing a movement schedule to avoid prolonged stretches of sitting
  • Adding a support to your chair to keep the spine in alignment
  • Investing in a sit to stand desk so that you are able to work while standing

Manual therapies

To treat the pain and stiffness of your neck, your physical therapist is likely to employ a range of manual therapies to relieve your neck pain symptoms. Myofascial release or trigger point therapy is a type of manual therapy where pressure is applied directly to the pain point to trigger a twitch reaction in the muscle to ease tension.

The therapist may also utilize targeted movements to increase range of motion and reduce stiffness in the neck.

Scheduling neck pain treatment with Advent Physical Therapy

Neck pain does not have to keep you from enjoying your daily routine. Regardless of whether your neck pain was caused by an auto accident or arthritis, the physical therapists of Advent Physical Therapy can develop a customized treatment plan based on your needs. On your first visit, the physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation to identify what is causing your neck pain and the best treatments for it.

If you live in the Ada area, contact us today to set up your initial appointment and go over your neck pain treatment options.