Occupational therapy in Kentwood, MI

Occupational Therapy

You may not know what occupational therapy is if you live in Kentwood, Michigan. However, you may need a place to get this type of therapy if you’ve been injured at work. Luckily, our physical therapy team is located right in town and can help you find the therapy you need.

Our team at Advent Physical Therapy provides superior physical therapy services for the Kentwood, Michigan area, and we’ve done so since 1996. With all of these years of experience under our belt, our team is ready to help you tackle a variety of medical conditions and injuries. However, we always strive to meet two goals with your therapy no matter what it’s for. First, we want to help you heal as much as you possibly can. Second, we want you to heal as quickly as you’re able to. This is why all of our therapy plans are personalized specifically for you, and one type of therapy our Kentwood, Michigan team applies this personalization to is our occupational therapy plans.

A few benefits our occupational therapy in Kentwood, MI may bring you

At our Kentwood, Michigan office, our Advent Physical Therapy team often helps people find the occupational therapy they need for work injuries. In fact, we see a large number of patients who have injuries from their job. This isn’t very surprising to us since the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that about 2.9 million people across the United States suffered from a non-fatal work injury or illness in 2017 alone.

Our team knows that work can be a dangerous place for people. We know most of us don’t think about the high potential for injury in our workplaces, but the fact is that there are many types of injuries you could get at work. For instance, you could get into a car accident while commuting to a meeting in a work vehicle. You could also be struck by a heavy box or other object falling from a shelf. Even repetitive motions such as hours of typing on your keyboard may cause you to develop an injury.

To help you overcome these and other types of work injuries, our team at Advent Physical Therapy can build you an occupational therapy plan to treat your work injury. Your personalized plan may help you to get a number of benefits, which may include:

  • More rapid healing
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Restoring normal mobility
  • Improving posture
  • Helping you find ways to avoid future work injuries

Advent Physical Therapy has a team that’s dedicated to helping you heal your work injuries. However, there’s also something you can do that may help speed up your healing process.

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