One issue may be causing your headaches in Caledonia, MI

A Headache Cause

Every day you drive home from work in Caledonia, Michigan, and you feel it coming. You’re getting another headache. If this sounds like a problem you have, there’s a team nearby that may be able to help you find relief. 

Advent Physical Therapy has been helping patients in the Caledonia, Michigan area for more than 20 years. During that time, we’ve learned some of the things we need to do to ensure you get great physical therapy. For instance, we’ll offer a sympathetic ear to all the concerns you have about your condition. Then, we’ll design a physical therapy plan to help you get the greatest possible level of healing in the shortest possible time. Just one of the conditions that this formula is used for is our helpful headache treatments at our Caledonia, Michigan office. 

Poor neck posture may be causing your headaches in Caledonia, MI

When you have headaches almost every day, our Caledonia, Michigan team knows that there’s likely a common cause for your head pain. One of the most common causes we see in our office is poor neck posture. 

Our team knows that the modern office worker is almost constantly in a state of poor neck posture. This is the result of slumping over a computer keyboard all day. We also know that your poor posture may be due to long hours spent staring down at your cell phone every day. The reason that these two actions may cause you headaches is that they cause poor neck posture. 

Your neck is a complex part of your body, and our team can tell you that problems with it often result in headaches. For instance, a pinched nerve in your neck caused by poor posture may cause you to have head pain. There are actually eight nerves that run from your spine, through your neck and into your head. Our team knows these eight nerves as the cervical plexus. Poor neck posture can cause a muscle or vertebrae to move out of its normal place and rub on one of these nerves. The nerve irritation that this rubbing causes is what may be causing you head pain. 

Our team at Advent Physical Therapy may be able to help you improve your poor neck posture. We’ll do this by creating a personalized therapy plan for you that targets your out of place neck structures. With this plan, you may be able to get both better neck posture and relief from daily headaches. 

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