One sports injury treatment type offered in Grand Rapids, MI

Sports Injury

One type of sports injury treatment you can find in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is shoulder injury therapy. In fact, there’s an experienced physical therapy team in town that can help you with this type of treatment.

Our Advent Physical Therapy team has been helping patients in the Grand Rapids area find high-quality therapy since 1996. We offer a variety of helpful services, and one reason they’re so helpful is we personalize our treatment plans to each individual. To build a personalized therapy plan, our team will first do a thorough evaluation on you. This will allow us to find out what your injury is and how it’s specifically affecting you. Then, we’ll take some time to listen to your therapy concerns, goals and questions. Once we have all this information, we’ll use it to pick the therapies we’ll use in your sports injury treatment plan, and this will ensure it’s the most effective plan for your injury.

Sports injury treatment for shoulder injuries in Grand Rapids

One type of sports injury treatment program we often create in our Grand Rapids clinic is shoulder injury treatment plans.

Your shoulder is a complex structure that has many jobs. For instance, the shoulder provides support for your neck and head. It also contains a joint that allows your arm to move in a variety of directions. Both of these functions are particularly important when playing sports, as sports like football, baseball and basketball rely heavily on the shoulders.

Since the shoulder is so complex, there are many structures within it that can be injured playing sports. For instance, you might sprain one of your shoulder muscles while throwing a ball. Also, ligaments in your shoulder can be strained by throwing or by heavy impacts in contact sports. Rotator cuff tears can also result from movements performed during sports like baseball. Shoulder impacts from contact during football or rugby can even cause a shoulder dislocation.

To help you treat these and other shoulder injuries, our Advent Physical Therapy team can help you build a personalized treatment plan. Such a plan may include a variety of physical therapy methods, such as:

  • Strengthening exercises
  • Targeted stretches
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Joint mobilization

Do you need shoulder injury treatment in Grand Rapids? Are you looking for other types of sports injury treatment in the area? Advent Physical Therapy can help you treat a variety of sports injuries. All you have to do to get our help is take one easy initial step.

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