Personalized sports therapy in Kentwood, MI

Sports Therapy

Injury risk is real for every athlete regardless of fitness or skill level. When an injury is suffered, personalized sports therapy is important to get you back in the game as quickly as possible. The Kentwood, Michigan, clinic of Advent Physical Therapy shares some common sports injuries and how treatment is tailored to the athlete and sport.

Overuse injury

One of the most common types of sports injuries is simple overuse. Athletes who play sports with repetitive motions like tennis, swimming or running are more likely to suffer inflammation and tendonitis.

With overuse injuries such as tendonitis, the goal of physical therapy is to reduce inflammation and strengthen the surrounding muscles to support the joint and reduce future risk of injury. For runners who suffer from shin splints or knee tendonitis, personalized sports therapy means designing a treatment program to strengthen the calf and quadriceps muscles.


Concussions occur when there is a blow to the head that causes the brain to hit the inside of the skull. For athletes who play contact sports such as hockey or football, the risk of head injury is significant. Some non-contact sports like cheerleading and soccer also have high rates of concussion.

Personalized sports therapy focuses on vestibular and balance training after an athlete suffers a concussion. Vestibular training can help reduce the feelings of dizziness and vertigo that often accompany concussions with specific head movements and exercises.

Surgical rehabilitation

In the event of a catastrophic injury like a rotator cuff or ACL tear, surgery may be the best option to repair the damage. After surgery, physical therapy works to rehabilitate the repaired body part. By strengthening and stabilizing the injury through sports therapy treatment, athletes can return to their sport as good or better than before and may reduce their chance of future injury.

Scheduling sports therapy with Advent Physical Therapy

The physical therapists of Advent Physical Therapy are passionate about sports and want to help athletes of all ages and ability levels recover after injury. On your first visit, our therapists will perform a thorough evaluation to diagnose the cause of your pain and develop a personalized sports injury treatment plan. If you are in the Kentwood area, contact us today to set up your initial appointment.