Physical therapy for chronic headache treatment in Rockford, MI

Physical Therapy for Chronic Headache Treatment

If you experience chronic headaches, you know how debilitating they can be. Whether they strike in the middle of a busy day or when you’re trying to relax after work, headaches can rob you of productivity, time with your family and the ability to enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies.

There are a wide range of effective options for chronic headache treatment. Along with ergonomic factors like lighting and furniture, and lifestyle factors like nutrition, hydration and posture, physical therapy sessions with a qualified therapist can be highly effective.

If you’re a Rockford, Michigan, resident and your life is being disrupted by chronic headaches, the compassionate experts at Advent Physical Therapy want to help. By having a better understanding of how physical therapy can help with headaches, you can make a more informed treatment decision to help get you back to the lifestyle you deserve.   

How does physical therapy help with chronic headache treatment?

Severe chronic headaches, such as migraines, are generally caused by a constriction of the blood vessels that travel to the brain. While researchers are still trying to fully understand the neurological factors involved, there are often physical contributors that a qualified physical therapist can help with. These include:

  • Poor posture in the shoulders and neck that can constrict blood flow
  • Weak supporting muscles in the shoulders and neck
  • Ergonomic issues, including lighting, seating and shoes

Physical therapists can perform manual therapy to help relax muscles in the neck and shoulders and work with you to improve posture. Your therapist can also instruct you on treatments like heat therapy and cold therapy, improving your work environment and performing exercises for better strength and blood flow.

Trust the experts at Advent Physical Therapy

Since 1996, Advent has been helping patients at our 13 clinics in west Michigan find relief, including our state-of-the-art Rockford facility. One of our highly-credentialed therapists can provide a full range of chronic headache treatments that are personalized to your needs. We always perform a thorough evaluation to ensure you receive the right treatment for you.

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