Signs you need physical therapy for sciatica in Grandville, MI

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is a common type of lower back pain that affects millions of people every year. Some studies estimate that it affects nearly 40% of all people in the world. In some cases, sciatica is temporary and can be treated with a bit of stretching and exercising at home. However, sometimes sciatica pain needs treatment from a health care professional. 

Sciatica is related to inflammation in the sciatic nerve caused by pressure in your lower back. The sciatic nerve is a long nerve strand that runs from your lower back into each of your legs, so sciatica often causes pain in your legs as well. 

Physical therapists are health care professionals who specialize in treatments that help people overcome conditions like sciatica. If you have pain in your lower back related to any of the symptoms below, you should visit a physical therapist for treatment. 

Symptoms of sciatica

The primary symptom of sciatica is a burning, tingling pain that spreads from your lower back into the back of one of your legs. Rarely, sciatica can affect both legs, but this pain is usually only in one of your legs.

Other symptoms of sciatica include:

  • You have weakness and numbness in the leg or foot.
  • The pain grows more severe while sitting.
  • The pain makes it difficult to stand up.

Treating sciatica with physical therapy

At Advent Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are highly trained and experienced in multiple methods for treating sciatic nerve pain. Sciatica has a number of different causes, including herniated discs and traumatic injuries. We always examine the condition of your lower back to determine the cause and develop a safe and effective personalized treatment.

Each treatment looks different depending on the cause and severity of your sciatica, but generally, you can expect treatment to include:

  • Stretching and exercising
  • Manual therapy
  • Electrical stimulation

Visit Advent Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI, for sciatica treatment

Do you have pain in your lower back that is spreading into one of your legs? If so, it may be time to visit a physical therapist for treatment at Advent Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids. Contact our team today for more information about sciatica treatment or to schedule an initial appointment.