The benefits of pre-surgical rehab in Grand Rapids, Michigan

pre-surgical rehab in Grand Rapids, Michigan

People generally try to avoid having surgery because it is expensive, risky and time-consuming. However, sometimes surgery is unavoidable in situations where non-invasive treatments, like medicine and physical therapy, alone are not enough to treat your conditions. You can still benefit from physical therapy in these situations, though.

Pre-surgical rehab is a service offered at Advent Physical Therapy in Knapp’s Corners in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This service helps people prepare for an upcoming surgery to have a faster recovery with less pain.

Choose pre-surgical rehab for a better recovery

It’s difficult to do much on your own while recovering from surgery due to pain, loss of strength, loss of mobility and lack of coordination. Though, pre-surgical rehab can help you experience a better recovery by:


  • Reducing pain — Many pre-surgical rehab treatments include exercises and stretches that help make your muscles and ligaments more flexible. This helps reduce pressure off your damaged tissue because your body is better able to support itself. Exercising also helps get more oxygen and nutrients to your recovering areas by improving your blood flow.


  • Restoring independence — Your physical therapist can identify the types of challenges you will face after our surgery. He or she will develop a strategy to help you prepare for these challenges, so you can live with less dependence on others while you’re recovering.
  • Improving recovery — Research shows that patients who have pre-surgical rehab tend to have shorter hospital stays than those who do not.


Talk to your primary healthcare provider or a physical therapist at Advent Physical Therapy about pre-surgical rehab if you have a surgery coming up. You should also ask about post-surgical rehab and how it and pre-surgical rehab work together to help make your recovery the best it can be. Many of the treatments these services use include:

  • Hands-on therapy
  • Massage
  • Stretches and exercises
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Ultrasound and more

Schedule pre-surgical rehabilitation at Advent Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for pre-surgical rehab or to learn more about how it can help you recover faster and reduce pain from your surgery.


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