The best lower back pain and sciatica treatment for you

Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Treatment

Lower back pain and sciatica are issues that may be affecting your daily life. In fact, these issues may be causing you to experience a much lower quality of life. Even doing things like seeing your friends and family can become a chore if these conditions are causing you pain. However, you can start getting your life back with physical therapy for your lower back pain and sciatica.

The team at Advent Physical Therapy wants to help you find relief from your lower back pain and sciatica. Our mission to help you manage pain with the most effective physical therapy methods. By doing all this, we may be able to help get rid of your lower back pain and sciatica and get back to enjoying all the things you love to do.

How we treat lower back pain and sciatica

Our team knows that lower back pain and sciatica are closely linked conditions. We also know that they can be tough to find relief from these conditions without the right treatment.

Sciatica is a condition caused by the irritation of your sciatic nerve, which is what causes you to experience pain in your lower back, buttocks, legs and feet. However, this condition is usually the result of one of several serious back problems. For instance, degenerative disc disease may be causing your vertebrae to deform and irritate your sciatic nerve. The gradual narrowing of your spinal canal with lumbar spinal stenosis can also irritate this nerve. Other conditions that can inflame your sciatic nerve and cause you to develop sciatica include lumbar herniated discs and spondylolisthesis.

Advent Physical Therapy has many therapy methods at their disposal. All these methods have been used to help other people with their pain, so they may be able to help you with your pain, too. Some of the methods that we may use in your treatment program include:

  • Iontophoresis therapy
  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Lumbar stabilization exercises
  • Core muscle strengthening techniques
  • Targeted muscle stretches

The Advent Physical Therapy team can use these and other physical therapy methods to create the best treatment plan for your lower back pain and sciatica. This way we can help you reach goals such as improving your quality of life and reducing or possibly even eliminating your pain. To get started with your free 15-minute screening, contact the Advent Physical Therapy team at any one of our 13 Michigan locations now.