Three goals of jaw pain therapy that lead to pain reduction

Three Goals of Jaw Pain Therapy

The ultimate goal of jaw pain reduction therapy is, of course, pain relief. However, this pain relief is the result of your therapist meeting three very specific therapy goals in the course of your treatment.

Advent Physical Therapy is ready and willing to help you reduce the pain in your jaw. One thing that allows us to do this is the great relationships we develop with all our patients. For us, these relationships are important because it allows you to become an equal and active partner in your therapy.

The other piece of the pain reduction puzzle is our experienced physical therapists. Our therapists are extensively trained and they know all about the bone structure of the jaw and the muscles and other structures that support it. Using all this extensive knowledge, in combination with your support, our therapy team can help you meet the three goals that will lead to a reduction in your jaw pain.

Three goals of jaw pain therapy

The first goal of this type of therapy is improving the mobility of your jaw. This means that your therapy team will help you find ways to increase your ability to move your jaw. By achieving this goal, you’ll be able to perform normal actions like chewing or yawning without the pain you’ve been experiencing.

The second goal that’s important to jaw therapy is realigning your jaw. Many times, your jaw moves out of alignment due to things like muscle imbalances or injuries. This lack of normal alignment can, in turn, lead you to experience pain in your jaw. By moving your jaw back into place, our team can remove this source of jaw discomfort.

The third and final goal that pain reduction therapy plans for your jaw include is reeducating your jaw muscles. Early in your life, your jaw muscles all had the strength and flexibility that they required to move your jaw normally and without pain. As time goes on, these muscles tend to tighten or loosen based on the posture of your neck and jaw. Therefore, your therapist will work to bring your muscles back to their original strength and flexibility levels. Doing so will help to reduce your pain significantly.

Some of the therapy methods that may be included in your treatment plan are:

  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Neck stretching exercises
  • Muscle strengthening techniques
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Electrical stimulation treatments

By using such methods to meet the three goals of jaw pain therapy, the therapists at Advent Physical Therapy can effectively help you with your pain. To begin your recovery process, you can come into one of our offices for a free 15-minute screening. Contact Advent Physical Therapy now to learn more about all of the services we offer.