Three key benefits of treating joint pain with physical therapy

Three benefits of treating joint pain with physical therapy Redcord

Your joints are vital to your ability to interact with the world around you. When one or more of your joints are in pain, it can be challenging to do anything that requires a lot of movement. This can force you to miss out on much of what you enjoy in life.

There are different treatments for joint pain depending on its cause and severity. In many cases, physical therapy can help. 

Three benefits of treating joint pain with physical therapy

  1. Improved range of motion — Pain usually limits your range of motion, which makes it difficult to perform simple daily tasks like walking or reaching items high up in a cabinet. Physical therapy helps improve your range of motion so you can gain the ability to live more independently.
  2. Less dependency on drugs — One way many people deal with pain is to take medication. While this might be helpful in some cases, often medications do little more than mask the pain. They also cause unpleasant side effects and can be addictive. Physical therapy helps reduce your pain so you don’t have to rely as much on pain medications.
  3. Lower need for surgery — If joint pain continues to get worse over time, it may eventually lead to the need for surgery for treatment. Physical therapy can help address your pain now, so you don’t have to rely on surgery. This is beneficial because surgery is painful, risky and takes a long time to recover from.

Treating joint pain with the Redcord® system

In some cases, joint pain is related to a condition affecting the joints directly, such as arthritis. However, joint pain is often related to conditions affecting the muscle and soft tissue, which causes strain to increase on the joints. Treating muscle and soft tissue pain with the Redcord system can help reduce the pain in your muscle, which helps to address the pain in your joints as well. 

The Redcord system is a method of activating muscles affected by an injury or chronic condition. Basically, when you’re injured or suffering from an ongoing condition, your brain may tell your certain muscles to stand down in effort to let the condition recover. However, this leads to an increase of stiffness, weakness and strain on your joints. 

The Redcord system uses suspension cords and slings to gently suspend your body off the ground. Under controlled tension of the cords and slings, your body weight engages targeted muscles, which tells your brain to switch them back on. This helps improve their strength and can help you improve your movements.

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