Three virtual physical therapy expectations

What to Expect From Virtual Physical Therapy

People’s expectations about many things have changed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Toilet paper is expected to be scarce. It’s expected that there will be economic and job issues that must be dealt with. Fortunately, what you can expect from virtual physical therapy sessions is more positive. 

Virtual physical therapy is a service that takes place via the internet. It can involve remote patient monitoring, but most commonly this service includes a live video session with a physical therapist. We are offering this as a service for our patients in addition to in-clinic visits so our team can continue to treat your aches and pains if you need to remain home. Virtual physical therapy is also referred to as telemedicine physical therapy. There are three positive expectations patients who use virtual physical therapy can have. 

Expect these three things when you have virtual physical therapy

Knowing what to expect from a virtual physical therapy session can be hard when you’ve never had one. However, this service is currently being more frequently utilized. This is primarily because it can be done right from your home, which helps keep you and your physical therapist safe from COVID-19. 

Some positive things you can expect from your virtual physical therapy sessions include: 

  1. Improved care access — Getting help from a physical therapist often isn’t easy when you live in a rural area. It’s estimated that rural areas only have 30 physical therapists for every 100,000 people. If you don’t have a physical therapist in your nearby area, virtual physical therapy can be a helpful solution. 
  1. Personal care — Virtual physical therapy is performed with the same level of care as an in-office service. Your treatment is provided by a skilled professional who can identify stretches, exercises and other methods that will work for you as an individual. You will never be treated as a generic patient who doesn’t have personal needs.
  1. High accuracy in performing therapeutic exercises — Therapeutic exercises are commonly used during virtual physical therapy sessions. Such exercises can be helpful for people with many issues. One study reports that more patients with neck pain who did home therapeutic exercises had pain reductions of at least 75% than those who used pain medication. Additionally, a medical study of total hip replacement patients who had virtual physical therapy reveals that 90% of them had high exercise performance accuracy. 


Advent Physical Therapy can help you learn what to expect from virtual physical therapy

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