Trusted pediatric physical therapy in Grand Rapids, MI

Pediatric Physical Therapy

At Advent Physical Therapy, our team is dedicated to helping people of all ages find the physical therapy they need in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is why we offer many types of trusted pediatric physical therapy as well as therapy for adults.

Our team has been helping children and adults alike with their therapy needs for more than 20 years at our Grand Rapids, Michigan location. One thing that has made us so effective is our dedication to personalized physical therapy and great customer service. For instance, we’ll always take the time to listen to your concerns and goals for your or your child’s therapy. We then work to craft a therapy plan that addresses your concerns and meets your goals. One of our most trusted pediatric physical therapies that gains effectiveness from this practice is our torticollis treatment service, and we’re proud to offer this service in our Grand Rapids, Michigan office.

Trusted pediatric physical therapy for torticollis in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our Advent Physical Therapy team is aware that one of the most common issues facing children in Grand Rapids, Michigan is torticollis. However, you may not know much about this disease that could affect your child or how our trusted pediatric physical therapy may help treat it.

The first thing that our team can help you with is understanding what torticollis is. Torticollis is a condition where the muscles that connect your child’s breastbone and collarbone to their skull is shortened. Our team knows that the shortening of these muscles often causes your child’s head to tilt and/or rotate to one side.

Aside from the tilting and rotation, there are several other symptoms we encourage you to look for because they may mean your child has torticollis. One such symptom that we often see is a limited range of motion in your child’s head and neck. You may also notice symptoms such as a flattening on one side of your child’s head or that they favor turning to one side while feeding.

If you notice any of these symptoms, our team can perform an assessment to determine if your child has torticollis. We can then design a physical therapy program with exercises and stretches that may help your child:

  • Strengthen neck muscles
  • Improve head and neck posture
  • Reduce pain and discomfort

If your child has torticollis in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our Advent Physical Therapy team is here to help them. We even make it easy for you to take advantage of the trusted pediatric physical therapy we offer. All you have to do is take one simple step.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.