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Physical Therapy

When searching for physical therapy near Grand Rapids, Michigan, you want to be able to find a trusted therapist. Rehabilitating from an injury or surgery is a serious matter, and the difference in making a full recovery or not may depend on the relationship and trust built with your therapist. Advent Physical Therapy offers some helpful tips on how to find trusted physical therapy.

Ask questions

For the first appointment with the physical therapist, there are several things patients should bring with them. The proper attire, an insurance card or a doctor’s referral are all important, but many patients do not bring something that is equally necessary. A written list of questions may be the most vital thing you bring on the first visit.

Coming prepared with a list of questions has several benefits. One of the big things is that it helps build trust in the relationship between that patient and therapist. Asking questions shows the physical therapist that you are engaged and committed to your rehabilitation. Questions can help ease patient fears and offer insight into your medical history. Some excellent questions for your physical therapist include:

  • How much pain or discomfort am I likely to experience?
  • Will the same physical therapist be treating me at each appointment?
  • What you expect from me?
  • Do you have any specialized training for treating my condition?

When it comes to your health and rehabilitation, there are no stupid questions. The physical therapist wants their patients to be comfortable with the treatment plan designed for them.

Do a little research

While not every detail of a physical therapist’s life is needed to build trust, there is some basic information that can be useful to the patient. The physical therapist should be licensed and accredited.

Online reviews may also be helpful to get an idea about the experiences other patients have had.

Scheduling physical therapy with Advent Physical Therapy

Advent Physical Therapy has been providing trusted rehabilitation in Grand Rapids since 1996. Our therapists have several decades of combined experience and want to help you improve your quality of life. Contact us today to set up your initial appointment.