Two hip and leg arthritis causes in Byron Center, MI

Arthritis in the Hip and Leg

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative chronic pain condition that affects many people in Byron Center, Michigan. This condition can be especially troublesome when it’s in your hip and leg, but you may be wondering what the root cause of your arthritis is. Here are two factors that can cause arthritis to develop in the hip and leg: 

1.   Problems with the hip structure

One factor that can lead to osteoarthritis in the hip and leg is a problem with the structure of the hip joint itself. An excellent example of such a problem is a condition called hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is when the hip socket in the pelvis doesn’t fully cover the ball of the upper leg bone, and this issue can occur when the hip ball isn’t fully seated in its socket at birth. This hip issue can also develop before birth if lack of space in the womb causes the hip to not be seated properly. 

Hip dysplasia is linked to an increased risk of hip osteoarthritis for one reason: the smaller socket is placed under greater pressure. A normal hip socket must deal with pressure from the movement of the hip bones, and over time, the movement wears away the cartilage in the joint. The smaller socket in people with hip dysplasia must deal with the same wearing pressures, but the fact that it’s smaller means that more pressure will be placed on each part of the socket. In turn, this increased pressure can cause the hip cartilage to wear out faster and lead to hip arthritis.  

2.   Age

Age is the most common reason people develop hip and leg arthritis. As your body forms before birth, one of the structures created is the cartilage in your joints. In the hip, there are several structures that are made of this cushioning material. For instance, the ball of the femur is covered in a type of cartilage called articular cartilage. Also, the rim of the hip socket in the pelvis is lined with a cartilage structure named the hip labrum. The movements of the hip joint are cushioned by these structures, but the same movements also slowly wear away the cartilage in the hip. This wearing is what causes most cases of arthritis. 

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