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Grand Rapids, MI Pre-Surgical Rehab

If you are scheduled to have surgery in the near future, you should be looking into pre-surgical rehab to help you prepare. Advent Physical Therapy in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan offers pre-surgical rehab services to help surgery patients experience a better recovery.

Recovering from surgery is a challenge because of the pain and loss of mobility caused by the procedure. It’s difficult to walk around or do other things on your own like picking up an object or changing your clothes. During your recovery, tasks like these may be impossible without help, but with pre-surgical rehab, you can help restore some of this lost independence and recover faster.

Discover why surgery patients should have pre-surgical rehab from a physical therapist to experience a faster and less painful recovery.Choose pre-surgical rehab for a better recovery

Pre-surgical rehab at Advent Physical Therapy is guided by a licensed physical therapist who uses techniques and exercises to help with:

  • Reducing pain — Most treatments involve stretches and exercises to make your muscles and ligaments stronger and more flexible. This provides your body with more support, which helps reduce pressure off the areas that are recovering from surgery. Exercises also help improve your blood flow, which helps get oxygen and nutrients to your recovering areas to help with healing and pain management.


  • Restoring independence — Since surgery can affect your strength, flexibility and coordination, it can be difficult to live life without assistance from others while recovering. Pre-surgical rehab can help you prepare for the challenges you will face during recovery, so you can be equipped to face them more independently.


  • Improving recovery — Research shows that patients who have pre-surgical rehab tend to have shorter hospital stays than those who do not.


Talk to your doctor or a physical therapist about pre-surgical rehab to find out what it can do for you. Also, ask about post-surgical rehab to find out how it works together with pre-surgical rehab to provide you with the ultimate recovery. Many of our pre-surgical and post-surgical treatments include the following:

  • Stretches and exercises
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Ultrasound and more

Schedule pre-surgical rehabilitation at Advent Physical Therapy in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pre-surgical rehab can help you as much as six weeks in advance of your surgery, so whether your surgery date is near or far, you can benefit from physical therapy. Please contact us today if you’re ready to schedule an appointment and learn more about pre-surgical rehab.


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