Visiting Physical Therapy for Rotator Cuff Pain

Rotator cuff pain

Your rotator cuff is the collection of muscles and ligaments that keep the ball of your shoulder in place in its joint socket. Rotator cuff pain develops when one of these muscles or ligaments is stretched or torn.

Rotator cuff injuries may occur suddenly due to trauma from falling or lifting a heavy object. Rotator cuff pain can also develop over time in those who frequently lift their arms above their head as part of their profession. This type of injury is commonly seen in athletes, like baseball players and tennis players, who must swing their arms over their head when throwing or hitting a ball.

Symptoms of rotator cuff injury

If you have not warmed up properly before activity or if you have a history of shoulder injury, your chances of developing rotator cuff pain are higher than average. Risk of rotator cuff pain also increases as you age.

Symptoms of a rotator cuff injury include:

  • Prolonged aching and pain in the shoulder
  • Pain when lying on your shoulder
  • Difficulty raising your arm above or behind your head
  • Weakness in the arm below the impacted shoulder

When to seek help about rotator cuff pain

Whether the pain is short-term or chronic, you should seek medical attention. Ignoring rotator cuff pain may lead to further complications, such as weakness of the arm or permanent loss of motion in the shoulder.

Severe rotator cuff injuries may require surgery for correction, but many cases of rotator cuff pain can be treated by physical therapists, like those at Advent Physical Therapy. The goal of physical therapy with rotator cuff pain is to help restore the range of motion and recover lost strength. Physical therapy should help you feel ready to resume your daily activities again.

At Advent Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are licensed medical professionals with experience in aiding in the reduction of acute and chronic rotator cuff pain. They also help with recovery after rotator cuff surgery for those who require it.

If you’re ready to get started on the road to recovery from your shoulder pain, then contact the experts at Advent Physical Therapy. Our team is stationed in 13 locations across West Michigan. Contact Advent Physical Therapy today to schedule an appointment at one of our locations near you.