What Jenison, MI, patients should look for in a sports medicine provider

Sports Medicine Provider

Sports medicine is a specialized branch in the medical field that deals specifically with sports-related injuries and disorders. For athletes of all ages and ability levels, playing your favorite sport can be an immense source of joy and excitement, but it can also take a heavy toll on the body.

From soccer to golf to gymnastics, athletes are highly prone to musculoskeletal injuries like strains, sprains, tears and fractures. The goal of sports medicine is to not only treat sports-related injuries when they occur, but also help people learn how to prevent them.

How are sports medicine and physical therapy related?

With a focus on improving functionality through strength and stability exercises, posture improvement and other techniques, physical therapy is a cornerstone of sports medicine. If you’re a Jenison, Michigan, resident seeking sports medicine treatment, take a moment to review the following information on how physical therapy can help.

At Advent Physical Therapy, we’re committed to helping athletes, and anyone else, live an active life. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our treatment options and how we can help.

Finding the right physical therapist for sports medicine treatment

When looking for a physical therapist to treat a sports-related injury, make sure he or she:

  • Has substantial experience in sports medicine
  • Is properly educated, credentialed and licensed
  • Has a good reputation
  • Is friendly and takes the time to explain your condition and the recommended treatment approach

Your initial appointment should involve a review of your medical and injury history, a full evaluation of your posture and movement and an overview of your treatment plan. A big part of sports medicine is also receiving education on proper technique, conditioning and warmups/cooldowns for your sport of choice.

The team at Advent Physical Therapy is here to help

At our clinic in Jenison, we take an evidence-based approach to physical therapy as a sports medicine treatment method. With our passionate, experienced and helpful clinicians, you can expect a custom-tailored care plan that keeps your long-term health and activity level as the primary focus.

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