What may be causing your lower back pain in Grand Rapids, MI

Lower Back Pain

Our team at Advent Physical Therapy knows that lower back pain is a common problem for people in Grand Rapids, Michigan. However, we’ve noticed that many people don’t know what’s causing their pain. 

Our team has been helping residents of the Alpine area of Grand Rapids, Michigan get great physical therapy since 1996. One idea that we bring to each of our therapy sessions is that every patient’s condition is unique. This means that we won’t try to force you into using some cookie-cutter therapy plan. Instead, our team will develop a personalized therapy plan that targets the specific issues you’re having. Our individual approach to patient care is especially helpful when it comes to treating you for lower back pain in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

One structure that may be causing your lower back pain in Grand Rapids, MI

Our team knows that there are many conditions that may be causing your lower back pain in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One reason for this is that there are so many different structures in your back. However, there’s one lower back structure that we’ve noticed causing lower back issues time and time again. This structure is your sciatic nerve. 

The sciatic nerve is actually the longest and largest nerve you have in your body. Its roots begin in the lower back, and it branches into both of your legs and even into your feet. Our team knows that one reason that this nerve may be the cause of your lower back is because it’s so extensive. For instance, we’ve often seen patients whose sciatic nerve has been irritated in some way. This irritation may cause you to develop sciatica. Sciatica is the formal medical name for pain that radiates up and down your sciatic nerve. We know that this condition may be the reason you’re having lower back discomfort since the nerve it affects is rooted in your lower back. 

If you think you may have sciatica or another lower back issue, Advent Physical Therapy is here to help you. We offer personalized therapy plans that may help to reduce your pain. We even offer free 15-minute screenings to help you find out what’s causing your pain. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to your lower back pain? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.