What to do when you’re suffering from chronic muscle pain


Everyone is familiar with some occasional muscle pain. Sore muscles after overexerting yourself at work or while training or participating in sports is a normal part of life. However, chronic muscle pain — pain that lasts for a long time — is usually related to a condition or injury that requires professional treatment.

Treatments for chronic muscle pain vary depending on the cause and severity. At Advent, our physical therapists specialize in a variety of methods that can help people like you reduce and prevent chronic pain so you can return to a more normal daily life. One treatment we recommend for many of our patients is the Redcord® system.

Treating chronic muscle pain with the Redcord system

The Redcord system is a system of suspension cords and slings that are used to activate your muscles affected by an injury or chronic condition. Essentially, when you have a condition causing chronic muscle pain, your brain may tell your muscles to switch off. This is your brain’s effect of reducing movement in that area to focus on healing. However, switching off the muscle often causes more pain than it helps. 

Using the Redcord system basically tells your brain to reactivate these muscles, which helps keep them strong and flexible so you can regain some motion and help reduce pain. The system works by suspending your body a few inches above a cushioned surface using ergonomic slings and cords. Your physical therapist will apply tension to the slings and cords as necessary to interact with your body weight and engage the targeted muscles. 

In combination with other physical therapy methods like manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and stretches, Redcord can help reduce chronic pain and prevent future pain from developing. 

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