Why You Need Physical Therapy After Surgery in Hastings, MI

Why You Need Physical Therapy After Surgery in Hastings

While many physicians and patients prefer nonsurgical treatments for injuries and physical conditions, sometimes surgery is the only choice. Surgery can help improve your health and wellbeing, but it takes an initial toll on your body afterward. Depending on your operation, you may face many challenges during recovery. That’s why you should be thinking about post-op rehab if you have an upcoming surgery.

Physical therapists, like those at Advent Physical Therapy, can help you face recovery challenges like regaining lost strength or coordination.

The Advent Physical Therapy team has been working with patients in the West Michigan area for more than 19 years with their rehabilitative needs. Our physical therapists use the latest methods and technology to help you recover after your surgery.

What you need to know about post-surgery rehab

As with most physical therapy services, the main objective of post-surgical rehab is to strengthen and stretch your muscles and ligaments. This should help manage your pain and assist your body in healing.

Recovery goals vary depending on the patient’s needs. Your post-op rehab objectives may focus on the following:

  • Rebuilding your strength and flexibility
  • Developing balance and coordination
  • Breaking down scar tissue
  • Aiding in pain management

Additionally, your post-op rehab may include guidance for safely performing tasks like walking or getting dressed on your own.

What a visit to Advent Physical therapy for post-surgical rehab looks like

During your first visit to Advent Physical Therapy, you’ll meet your physical therapist who will work with you to identify your goals and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your recovery needs.

Depending on your type of surgery and other factors like age, medical history and overall health, your post-surgical rehab may include:

  • Exercises and stretches to strengthen the muscles
  • Cold and hot treatments to help manage your pain
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Manual therapy
  • Patient education and more

Schedule an appointment with Advent Physical Therapy in Hastings, MI

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Physical therapy is beneficial before your surgery too. Ask your physical therapist about pre-surgical rehabilitative options.

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