Why you need physical therapy for carpal tunnel treatment in Ada, MI

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of chronic pain in the wrist that is often associated with typing on a keyboard. However, this condition can also affect people who drive frequently, operate heavy machinery and perform other tasks that require a lot of use from the hands and wrists. 

The carpal tunnel houses the nerves running from your wrist throughout the rest of your arm. Pressure on the carpal tunnel causes inflammation in the nerves, which is painful and can limit the use of your hand and wrist. In some cases, surgery is required to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, but many people can get by with physical therapy. 

Treating carpal tunnel with physical therapy

At Advent Physical Therapy in Ada, Michigan, we are experienced in treating and preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have a chronic, dull ache in your wrist that continues to grow worse and limits your range of motion, come visit our clinic for an assessment. One of our team members will take a look at your wrist and determine what kinds of treatments we can use to help reduce your pain. 

Our treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome typically include: 

  • Stretches and exercises — Physical therapists can develop a personalized therapeutic exercise routine to improve the strength and flexibility of your hand and wrist. Stronger and more flexible muscles provide better support for your wrist, which can help treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Manual therapy — Physical therapists can use hands-on techniques to mobilize the soft tissue and joints in your wrist. This helps release some of the tension that may be contributing to your carpal tunnel syndrome and can improve the flexibility of your wrist.
  • Electrical stimulation — Gentle, small bursts of electricity can cause the muscles in your arm to contract and release. This can soothe some of your pain and improve circulation in the wrist to help the carpal tunnel get the oxygen and nutrients it needs.
  • Posture education — Incorrectly positioning your wrist while typing, driving and performing other hand-intensive activities can result in carpal tunnel syndrome. Physical therapists can teach you how to correctly position your wrists during these activities and how to stretch during breaks to reduce and prevent carpal tunnel pain. 

Visit Advent Physical Therapy in Ada, MI, for carpal tunnel treatment

Just because you need to use your hands and wrists a lot for your job or for your favorite activities doesn’t mean you need to suffer for it. Our team at Advent Physical Therapy wants to help you overcome carpal tunnel pain and prevent it from affecting you again in the future. Contact our team today for more information about carpal tunnel treatment or to schedule an initial appointment.