Why you should look for in-home physical therapy services near you

in home physical therapy services near me

Living with aches and pains should not be a normal way of life for anyone. Many treatment options exist for many chronic conditions and injuries that help people manage pain and resume their daily lives. One reliable method of treating aches and pains is physical therapy.

Physical therapy is usually offered to patients who visit a clinic and receive treatment there. However, traveling isn’t always an option for people. If you cannot travel due to your injury or due to a threat like the COVID-19 crisis, you might not want to leave your home. It’s for these exact reasons that in-home physical therapy exists. 

Benefits of in-home physical therapy

Here are some points to keep in mind if you’re considering in-home physical therapy services near you: 

  • In-home physical therapy is convenient — You have little to do in preparation for an in-home physical therapy appointment. All you need to do is wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and have an open and clutter-free space.
  • In-home physical therapy is safe — Traveling is simply unsafe for some people. Your condition might make it difficult to drive, or a pandemic like the COVID-19 viral pandemic makes staying home a safer option. Our physical therapists who travel to you are screened every shift to ensure that they are healthy and won’t introduce health risks into your home.
  • In-home physical therapy can be used to treat many conditions — Physical therapists who visit your home for in-home treatment can bring many of the instruments they use to assist with in-clinic treatments. This allows them to be able to more fully treat a wide range of conditions that might be afflicting patients like you.
  • In-home physical therapy is covered by many insurance plans — Medicare and many major insurance plans include coverage for in-home physical therapy for patients who qualify for it. Talk to your insurance provider or our team at Advent Physical Therapy for help in finding out if in-home physical therapy is covered under your plan.

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