Wondering how to improve your balance? Try physical therapy

how to improve your balance

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury for seniors and people who suffer from balance disorders. If you’re at risk for an injury from a fall, you should try your best to prevent falls from happening. This is difficult to do on your own, but with the guidance of a physical therapist, you can improve your balance and lower your fall risk.

Physical therapy for balance

One of the main benefits to improving your balance with the assistance of a physical therapist is that physical therapy uses natural techniques that empower your body’s own resources. This helps to address your current condition and improve your body’s structural support to help prevent future issues.

Physical therapists have many methods they can use to help improve your balance. When you visit a physical therapist, they’ll evaluate your condition and develop a personalized treatment routine that can assist you with:

  • Managing vestibular disorders — Vestibular disorders, like vertigo, are common sources of balance issues. Your physical therapist can help you adjust to the challenges presented by vestibular disorders, so you can regain a sense of balance and focus.
  • Improving stability — Physical therapy addresses your nervous system’s perception and awareness of position and movement of your body.
  • Improving your strength — Stronger muscles provide better support for your body, which can help you remain on your feet instead of losing balance.
  • Improving your flexibility — More flexible muscles offer a greater range of motion, which can help improve your gait and reduce your fall risk when moving around.
  • Improving your posture — Poor posture can strain your joints and cause you to feel off balance. Your physical therapist can examine your posture and help you make improvements that can improve your balance.

Visit Advent Physical Therapy for help with improving your balance

Is frequent loss of balance keeping you from doing anything that involves being on your feet out of fear that you might fall and get hurt? Our physical therapists at Advent are here to help you improve your balance and get back to living your life. Contact our team today for more information about improving your balance or to schedule an initial appointment.