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Our Commitment

Our Committment

Since 1996, Advent Physical Therapy has provided quality care, good outcomes, and exceptional customer service.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We are orthopedic specialists who treat using evidence-based manual therapy and therapeutic exercise with a focus on long-term independence
and pain-free function.

Our Results

Our Results

Every patient is unique, so your treatment should be too. We would love to show you the difference. We are highly trained, motivated, and passionate about what we do.

What Our Patients Say

I worked with caring therapists who gave excellent advice and exercises when I had my neck fused. The results were outstanding. I recently broke my hip and have gone back for additional physical therapy. The staff is very knowledgeable and the best thing is that they don’t profess “no pain, no gain”.

Judy M

Committed to Your Recovery

Is your pain making it hard for to you enjoy physical activities that you love? Are you using medication as a way to continue your active life?

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