How to receive personalized fibromyalgia treatment in Grandville, MI

Personalized Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a complicated condition that medical researchers still don’t fully understand. Characteristic symptoms include widespread muscle pain and soreness, fatigue, disrupted sleep and mood swings. While there is no known cause, fibromyalgia is often associated with conditions like tension headaches, jaw problems, irritable bowel syndrome, post-surgical complications and psychological trauma.

Currently there is no cure or way to reverse fibromyalgia, but there are treatment options that have been shown to help patients effectively manage symptoms. In addition to exercise, relaxation techniques and healthy lifestyle decisions, physical therapy is very often recommended for fibromyalgia treatment.

At Advent Physical Therapy, we believe that effective fibromyalgia treatment requires a highly personalized approach.  We want to deliver this level of care to patients in Grandville, Michigan, who are seeking relief. Read the following guide for more information on how a physical therapist can help you create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Working with a physical therapist for fibromyalgia treatment

Whether you’ve been referred by a doctor or are seeking physical therapy yourself, your first appointment should involve the following steps:

  • Filling out any necessary paperwork
  • Question and answer session about the specific nature of your symptoms
  • Review of your medical history and the treatments you’ve attempted so far
  • Hands-on physical examination and analysis of your movement and posture
  • Discussion of your treatment plan and comfort level with proposed techniques

Receiving personalized fibromyalgia treatment is a two-way street. Come prepared with questions and information about how your condition is affecting your everyday activities. As you begin physical therapy for fibromyalgia, be patient and expect there to be some trial and error involved with finding the right combination of techniques for you.

Advent Physical Therapy wants to help you live the life you deserve

Our dedicated physical therapy team has been delivering quality outcomes at our Grandville clinic and other clinics throughout western Michigan since 1996. From our friendly and courteous front office staff to our expertly trained clinicians, our goal is to help you overcome fibromyalgia pain and recapture your quality of life.

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