Three types of exercises to avoid when you have osteoporosis

osteoporosis exercises to avoid

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you may be tempted to avoid all physical activity in an attempt to reduce your risk of injury. While there is some wisdom in cutting back on physical activity when you have lower bone density, it’s not wise to remove it completely.

Gentle exercises can improve the strength and flexibility of your muscles, which helps them provide structural support for your body, reducing stress off your bones and joints. However, not all exercises are safe when you have osteoporosis. 

Three types of exercises you should avoid if you have osteoporosis

If you’re looking to start exercising to help improve your condition when you have osteoporosis, you should make sure to avoid these three types of exercises:

  1. High-impact exercises — High-impact exercises, like running and jumping, introduce repetitive stress on your bones and joints that can lead to complications with your osteoporosis. Instead of running or jumping, you should try something more gentle like power walking, swimming or aquatic exercising.
  2. Exercises with twisting and bending — When you have low bone density, bending forward or twisting your spine can put a lot of pressure on your vertebrae, increasing your risk of a fracture. Avoid exercises that involve bending forward or twisting, such as toe touches or certain yoga poses.
  3. Exercises that increase your fall risk — Certain activities, such as riding a bike, can be a great way to exercise but come with a risk of falling and getting hurt. When you have osteoporosis, a fall is much more dangerous, so it’s important to avoid activities that increase your fall risk. If issues with balance make you fearful of falling, a physical therapist can provide you with safe exercises to perform while sitting or lying to aid in muscular support for your joints.

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Is osteoporosis keeping you from living your life the way you want to live it? With treatment, you can still enjoy many of your favorite daily activities when you have osteoporosis. Our physical therapists at Advent Physical Therapy can guide you through safe exercises and other treatments that help improve your body’s structural support when you have this condition. Contact our team today for more information about osteoporosis treatment or to schedule an initial appointment.