Visit a physical therapist in Grand Rapids, MI, for dry needling

Dry Needling Near You

Tension and stiffness in the muscles and soft tissue puts pressure on your joints and on your nerves, which can limit your range of motion. Tension and stiffness also cause pain that spreads throughout your nerves and affects other parts of your body.

You can visit a physical therapist for treatment when you have tense and stiff muscles. At Advent Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are experienced in a variety of treatments for muscular tension. One treatment we offer at our East Paris clinic in Grand Rapids is dry needling.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a treatment that uses sterilized needles to release tension in the muscles at trigger points. It is often confused with acupuncture because of the use of needles to treat pain. However, their objectives are quite different.

Dry needling is performed by a licensed physical therapist who is trained to identify trigger points that cause muscular tension. Acupuncture is more concerned with improving the flow of your body’s “energy force,” which is not medically proven. Dry needling is. 

The “dry” part of dry needling refers to the fact that the needles are not filled with drugs or medication. The sole purpose of using these needles is to release tension, not to inject a medication to mask the pain.

Does dry needling hurt?

Many people associate the word “needle” with pain. In many cases, you would be right to do so, but not with dry needling. 

Physical therapists are skilled at gently inserting the needle in the correct spot to reduce tension in the muscles. Instead of causing pain, this reduces pain. There may be some initial discomfort, but you shouldn’t experience any sensation you would describe as painful.

Visit Advent Physical Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI, for dry needling

Are you looking for dry needling near you? We offer dry needling as a treatment at our East Paris clinic in Grand Rapids. If you live near the Grand Rapids area, come visit our East Paris clinic to talk to one of our team members about dry needling and learn about our other methods of treatment for your pain. 

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