What can I do to treat pain on top of my foot near the ankle?

pain on top of foot near ankle

Walking, running and jumping all seem like activities of the past when you’re living with ongoing pain on the top of your foot. Pain in this area can flare up whenever you put pressure on your foot and ankle or when you try to move it. 

There are a few different conditions that can cause pain on the top of your foot near the ankle, such as stress fractures. However, the most common reason people have pain in this area is due to a condition known as extensor tendinitis.

Treating pain on the top of your foot near the ankle caused by extensor tendinitis

Extensor tendinitis is often caused by frequently wearing tight-fitting shoes. Wearing shoes that fit too tightly puts pressure on the tendons running along the top of your foot, which causes painful inflammation. 

Start treating pain caused by extensor tendinitis by wearing less tight footwear. Additionally, you need to: 

  • Follow R.I.C.E. — The R.I.C.E. method is what most athletes follow when they are injured. It stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Whether you’re an athlete or not, you should follow this method when you have pain on the top of your foot near the ankle.
    Keep your foot elevated above your heart level when resting. Ice the injury in a regular interval of 15 minutes every couple of hours for a few days. Compress the foot and ankle to help manage any swelling that occurs.
  • Schedule physical therapy — If the pain on top of your foot near the ankle persists after a few days or rapidly gets worse, you should visit a physical therapist for treatment. Physical therapists are health care professionals who specialize in treating injuries that affect your bones, joints, muscles and soft tissue. They can evaluate your condition and develop a personalized routine to help you reach recovery at an optimal pace.
  • Use custom orthotics — Custom insoles in your footwear can help reduce pressure off the joints and tendons in your feet. This can help combat and prevent the effects of extensor tendinitis and similar conditions. Your physical therapist will be able to assist you in determining what footwear is right for you.

Advent Physical Therapy can help treat pain on the top of your foot near the ankle

Are foot and ankle pain keeping you off your feet and preventing you from doing what you love? Our physical therapists at Advent Physical Therapy are here to help with a personalized treatment for you. Contact our team today for more information about treating pain on top of your foot near the ankle or to schedule an initial appointment.