What is unique about women’s health physical therapy?

Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Most people wouldn’t be surprised by the statement that men and women are different from each other in many ways. Many wouldn’t even be surprised that women’s health physical therapy is different from other types of physical therapy. Yet there may not be many people who know exactly what makes women’s health physical therapy unique. 

What is women’s health physical therapy?

Women’s health physical therapy is a specialized branch of physical therapy. It’s practiced by physical therapists who are specially trained to treat issues that affect women, and often, these are issues that affect women’s lives more often than men. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) reports that it has a membership that includes more than 3,700 professionals who specialize in this type of care. 

What makes women’s health physical therapy unique? 

There are a number of things that make this type of physical therapy unique. Some of these factors include: 

  1. Addressing issues based on known physical differences — There are certain physical differences in biology that women have compared to men. For one thing, they tend to have a lower muscle mass. Physical therapists trained in women’s health know about the physical differences that women have. They take these differences into account when building physical therapy plans. 
  1. Addressing pregnancy-related issues — Pregnancy can be tough on women both physically and emotionally. It’s common for women to experience pelvic pain, lower back pain and other musculoskeletal problems while pregnant. Physical therapists can create personalized therapy programs to target pregnancy-related issues. They can even help women’s bodies recover after pregnancy. 
  1. Working to improve pelvic health — Many of the musculoskeletal issues that women face are linked to the pelvis. Physical therapists can help women target problems with their pelvic floor muscles and other pelvic structures. They can also recommend ways to reduce the risk of future pelvic issues. 

Find effective women’s health physical therapy at Advent PT

Searching for a physical therapist who is a pro at treating women’s health problems? You’ll find several of these pros on our Advent Physical Therapy team. We can help you start addressing women’s health issues with a free screening. Additionally, our team excels at building physical therapy plans that are personalized to each patient’s needs. You can even sign up for at-home care or virtual therapy sessions and get help right in your own home. 

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