What is that constant crunching sound in your knee?

Crunching Sound in Knee

It happens when you bend your knee. You hear it when you sit down. Figuring what to do about the crunching sound in your knee starts by learning what that sound is. 

These sounds are likely something known as crepitus, and there are many reasons that you could be hearing it. One medical professional who can help you figure out the source of the crunching sounds in your knee is a physical therapist. These specialists can also help you treat issues that cause crepitus. 

Four reasons you have crunching sounds in your knee

  1. Gas bubbles — In many cases, gas bubbles in the knee can cause crepitus. These bubbles build up naturally in the synovial fluid over time. They can burst when your knee moves and cause pops, crackles or crunches. 
  1. Ligaments flexingLigaments in your knee flex and stretch as your knee moves. They can cause popping or crunching noises when they snap back into place. 
  1. Knee injuries — A more serious cause of crepitus is knee injuries. Damage to the meniscus can lead to crepitus. Other injuries that can cause it include patellofemoral syndrome and chondromalacia patella. 
  1. Knee osteoarthritis — This is one of the most common causes of knee crepitus, especially when you also have knee pain. Knee osteoarthritis occurs when knee cartilage is worn down naturally over time. The worn cartilage can also give off unusual popping or crunching noises. 

How can a physical therapist help treat the sources of crunching sounds in your knee?

Crunching sounds coming from your knee in combination with pain are signs that you should talk to a physical therapist. These specialists are experts in the musculoskeletal system that includes your knees. Your physical  therapist can evaluate your knee to determine the source of your symptoms. 

Then, they can build you an individualized therapy plan that may include: 

Need help with the crunching sounds in your knee? Advent Physical Therapy can help!

You might not know where to turn for physical therapy to address the crunching sounds in your knee. Luckily, our Advent Physical Therapy team is equipped to help you treat many of the issues that cause these sounds. 

We offer free screenings that can reveal the root cause of your knee crepitus. Furthermore, our physical therapists excel at building personalized therapy plans. Such plans can help reduce crepitus, pain and other knee symptoms. You can even start getting our help with your knee issue without first getting a doctor’s referral. 

Contact our team today for more information about our high-quality knee therapy services or to schedule your initial appointment.