Do you know where to go for hand therapy in Grandville, MI?

Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is a very important type of treatment in Grandville, Michigan because you use your hands almost constantly. However, you may not know who to turn to if you need this type of therapy. 

Advent Physical Therapy has been providing high-quality physical therapy to the Rivertown area of Grandville, Michigan for more than 20 years. Our services are so popular here because we always provide great customer service to our patients. This is because you’re more than just an injury or medical condition to us. You’re a person who has a unique injury that will require a personalized physical therapy plan. One area that we bring this personalized philosophy to in our Grandville, Michigan office is hand therapy. 

Problems we can treat with hand therapy in Grandville, MI

Our team knows that hand therapy can be very helpful for you if you have a hand issue in Grandville, Michigan. But, we’re also aware that this is one type of treatment where a cookie-cutter therapy plan isn’t likely to get you the results you’re looking for. 

Our team has been trained to help with many types of hand problems, and we can tell you that there are many hand issues you could be suffering from. The main reason there are so many hand issues is that the hand is a very complex body structure. For instance, there are 29 bones in one of your hands and wrists, and we know that you could break any one of them. We also commonly see patients with ligament and muscle injuries. This is because there are more than 240 ligaments and 65 muscles in your two hands. In addition to all of these structures, your hands also have 96 nerves and 60 arteries in them.

With all of these different structures in your hands, you can see why a non-specific therapy plan isn’t likely to do you much good. At Advent Physical Therapy, our team will help you by developing a personalized therapy plan that may help you more effectively deal with your: 

  • Hand bone fractures
  • Ligament and muscle injuries
  • Nerve conditions or damage
  • Blood flow issues

If you’ve hurt your hand in Grandville, Michigan, our Advent Physical Therapy team is here to help. We even offer free 15-minute screenings to help you figure out which of your many hand structures have been injured. Using this information, our team can create you a personalized therapy plan that may help to reduce your pain and heal your injury more quickly. 

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