Patient Testimonials

  • Excellent Physical Therapy. Figured out my problem, designed a program to help and I am now better! Thanks a million!!

    David K.

  • They did a fantastic job. My knee feels good again.

    Donald S

  • I have had such good results since coming to see Todd and then the angel that is Katie. My back has not felt this good in years. They are kind, caring and gentle. And Katie in the front office is sweet and very good about keeping me up to date about financial things. I love seeing all of their smiling faces in the morning. Thank you all so much for everything you do!

    Joni H

  • Super place to get back to living life after replacement surgery. So kind and helpful. Always looking for that extra push! Thanks ladies!!

    Gail T

  • I’ve had a great experience at this facility. Extremely kind and helpful staff all around, a comfortable atmosphere, and wonderful therapists working hard to provide compassionate care to everyone. Would recommend to anyone in need of this service.

    Lydia E

  • I just love this place! All the gals are so fabulous, sweet and extremely helpful. I wouldn’t be walking at 100% if it weren’t for Advent. I’d recommend them to anyone!!!

    Heather P

  • I had pelvic separation after giving birth to my baby back in September. The people here were wonderful, helped me to get stronger & healthy within a month. Wendy worked with me in pushing me to get stronger but not to over work myself so I would have setbacks.

    Holly D

  • After shoulder surgery, I came here for my rehab. The fine staff, took the time and patience to see that I was progressing well and was even able to excel in certain areas of recovery. They are very well qualified at what they do and would highly recommend them. I will be back when I have the other shoulder worked on!!

    Greg W

  • I love Advent on 44th! I started PT due to shoulder soreness and continued after meniscus surgery. Ken is great. He understood that I wanted to get back to my active lifestyle. Shout out to Jackie, who greets everyone with a smile. I actually miss going to PT!

    Roya B

  • I had knee replacement surgery to recover my mobility – specifically, I want to ride bikes with my grandchildren. The professional team at Advent – Kentwood made that a reality. Their expert guidance through the recovery process have brought me to a place of speedy recovery, such that my surgeon is impressed. They tell me I did the work, but they led the way. I am so pleased with where I am in my recovery. I will be biking with my grandkids this summer, and I am planning a trip to Mackinac Island for my favorite bike trip. Thank you, Ken and Anna!

    Wilma S

  • I have been impressed by the friendliness of the staff. I have come here with shoulder and knee problems and the staff was extremely helpful. They pushed me to my limits to help me become better and give me full range of motion to these extremities.

    DelShawn D

  • I had a total reverse shoulder replacement from a fall from a ladder. I just completed my PT with Carmen, and she is wonderful! I’m so happy with my progress and the entire atmosphere at Advent. Everyone is friendly and relaxed. Carmen achieved great results for me and was very considerate with my pain level. I highly recommend Advent Kentwood…it’s the best!

    Donella C

  • Great staff. They listened well, respected my feelings, and of course, greatly helped my knees. Much stronger with less pain now.

    Isaac Z

  • Excellent experience. They helped me eliminate my back pain in just 5 weeks and had fun doing it. Thanks Jeremy and Jaime!

    John B

  • When I came in with a back injury, I was nearly helpless. By doing the exercises they assigned to me (faithfully), I have done MORE than a complete turnaround in not just my back, but my LIFE! Jeremy & the entire team are excellent people to help a person regain range of motion & strength. They don’t just treat your injury. They treat the whole person. MAJOR props to them ALL!

    John K

  • Jamie and Jeremy were excellent teachers! They taught me how to stretch to alleviate the lower back pain. They also educated me on what stretches/exercises will help me to build up strength. Thank you – for your encouragement, support and teaching.

    Pam B

  • I was referred to Advent Physical Therapy by my primary doctor for a tear in my rotator cuff, in lieu of surgery, which I was opposed too. I had limited mobility in my left arm, not being able to even wash my hair or face without difficulties. In a little over 2 months and 10 sessions with my physical therapist Jeremy (who is AWESOME by the way) I had almost all my range of motion back. The day I could interlace my fingers behind my back was a big milestone for me! It took work and dedication at home doing my exercises, but the effort paid off! Jeremy made me work hard, but within my limits and I am very grateful to him! Definitely recommend this place! Thanks Jeremy!!! You’re the best!!!

    Brendalynn E

  • The folks at Advent were AMAZING. They were absolutely wonderful to work with. They are incredibly informative, professional, and compassionate. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for physical therapy.

    Brittany M

  • I have been to many physical therapy offices and this one is the absolute best, hands down! Not only does the staff work on resolving the immediate problem but they also recommend ways to improve overall body functioning to prevent further injuries in the future. I won’t go anywhere else.

    Tiffany B

  • I worked with the therapists at Advent after a recent knee surgery and they were fantastic! They put me on a great plan, not too challenging but not too easy, and helped me to achieve my mobility goals. Thank you!

    Kelly J

  • When I think of Advent Physical Therapy, people come to mind: compassionate, professional, friendly people who help me to gain strength and to overcome limitations in range of motion. I wholeheartedly recommend Advent Physical Therapy, particularly in Jenison, where I’ve had all my therapy sessions since moving to this area.

    Betty S

  • The staff at the Jenison Advent Physical Therapy location is very professional, informative and friendly. I have experienced great relief in my back and leg pain and would definitely recommend this location to everyone! Feeling better gives a smile to my face!

    Barbara W

  • Everyone is so kind and helpful! They are helping take care of two decades worth of pain and mobility issues. I’m incredibly grateful!

    Kristi K

  • Linae is a great physical therapist. Couldn’t tell you how much she has helped me with my back and neck pain. Staff are always friendly and get you in and out timely.

    Lacey W

  • A severe neck injury landed me at Advent—and the therapy helped me heal without surgery! The staff is fantastic, personable, and professional, and I highly recommend them!

    Brenda D

  • I was extremely pleased with the staff at Advent Physical Therapy in Jenison. They knew how to help me with an issue with my leg and get it stronger again. They didn’t keep me coming back, but were honest in telling me after just 3 visits that I didn’t need to come again unless the issue returned. I strongly recommend them!

    Carol R

  • The staff at Advent Physical Therapy in Jenison has helped me and my whole family recover from various injuries over the past 5 years. I have a level of gratitude for the healing, professionalism & kindness they’ve bestowed upon me that is hard to put into words. If you’ve ever suffered from pain, you know the feeling of relief when you’re healed. The staff there, especially my favorite person Jon, has changed my life for the better! I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who has physical therapy needs!!

    Vonnee K

  • Very friendly and competent staff. They really helped me with my back and knee problem. Answered all my questions and would highly recommend them for any PT issues.

    Toni V

  • This place is amazing!!! They don’t push you they let you go as slow as you need. They’re professionals. I highly recommend going to Advent if you need physical therapy!!! Thank you so much Advent for helping me get back to normal.  Y’all are life savers!!!

    Emily A

  • Staff is amazing!! One to one care and easy to talk with. When unsure, they will work with you to give you the best care and research when needed of the newest techniques and therapies. Highly recommend to anyone dealing with temporary or chronic pain.

    Nicole C

  • I have been to many:different physical therapy departments in my lifetime, and all of them did their magic to address my limitations. The care was almost always professional. But many time it stopped right there. I have found the care here at Advent to not only be professional but also concerned about your overall well being. I would not hesitate to recommend a friend to Advent.

    Dale B

  • This was my first experience with physical therapy of any kind, so I didn’t know what to expect. The Advent Physical Therapy in Hastings has taken the time to educate me about my injury while providing simple instructional diagrams for continuing my rehabilitation in my own home. This center is very clean, organized and they are always on schedule.

    Steve S

  • I highly recommend Advent Physical Therapy. Jim worked wonders on my shoulder and helped heal chronic pain that I have had for years.

    Amy W

  • Jim worked with me to take my lower back pain, which restricted virtually all daily tasks, to my gaining complete and pain-free mobility. Equally important, though, he provided an arsenal of strategies to prevent reoccurring problems.

    Jeanne W

  • Absolutely recommend the clinic for the knowledge, dedication and professionalism of the staff. I received all the necessary attention to evolve in the treatment and ended the sessions feeling totally recovered. Excellent job.

    Gisele S

  • Brad Johanson is my therapist. He has helped me immensely with a chronic ailment. He listened, offered real-life solutions and overall came up with a treatment plan that has helped me. I would highly recommend Brad.

    Lisa C

  • Brad Johanson was my therapist. He was a great listener so to understand my physical problem and then create a therapy plan. I was amazed at the swift improvement to my condition as a result of his efforts and following the exercises that he recommended. He is certified in “dry needling” a process that helps relieve the pain. I trusted his recommendations and recommend him to anyone who is in need of physical therapy. I was glad to have used Advent Physical Therapy.

    John J

  • Not only is the staff extremely welcoming, personable, and knowledgeable, they really went the extra mile to assure that I was completely pain-free and ready to fully participate in all of my pre-injury activities. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking top-notch physical therapy care!

    Patrick S

  • I was really skeptical about coming to physical therapy because I was already in so much pain. But I am so glad I did!!!! I learned that “no pain, no gain” so NOT true in all circumstances! The staff at Advent was so patient, helpful and knowledgeable about my injury. I am not completely better yet but definitely feel better!!!

    Lisa B

  • I was referred to Advent Physical Therapy for knee pain which somewhat limited my activities. My case was assigned to Heather Mol who diagnosed the source of discomfort and planned and taught me an ongoing program of therapy. She prescribed a number of exercises and stretches which proved to be highly effective in reducing my discomfort. Most importantly she was wise enough to know that muscles other than those in by leg (such as the groin muscles) could be related to my symptoms and provided a really holistic and comprehensive treatment. She was professional, personable and friendly. This was the best medical experience that I have had in a long time.

    Fred K

  • They are the Best!!! Dr. Lindsey is totally awesome! And the receptionist Holly is just as sweet as sugar. I was very sad to finally graduate from there. If I ever need Physical Therapy again I know where I’m going!

    Sharon S

  • Highly recommended Advent. Friendly staff, and office personnel make you feel welcome and comfortable. If I could give them more stars, I would.

    Andrew S

  • I love coming here for physical therapy! Everyone is so friendly and they have helped me a lot. And they are super friendly with children.

    Colette M

  • The staff at Advent Physical Therapy provide a professional, friendly, and concerned service. They constantly assess your comfort level as you work through several exercises to get you back to peak performance.

    Mark V

  • Have to say that Advent Physical Therapy on 3 Mile Road is really first rate. They are very professional and friendly, my treatments for my arm and neck that I have received are going well and I am achieving some noticeable improvement. I recommend them most highly!

    Richard J

  • This place is great! Everyone there works hard to create a fun yet professional atmosphere, and they made me feel right at home. They took the time to get to know me and tailored my experience to exactly what I needed. Becky is my girl!

    Rachel C

  • Advent is the BEST physical therapy office in the greater Grand Rapids area. I have lived with hip problems for the past 8 years, multiple surgeries and many visits for rehab post-op and visits to try and prevent operations. I tried several offices in town that I just was never pleased with, until finding Advent. They have a positive attitude and make the struggle of recovery easier. I had my hip replaced in the fall, and was very sad to say goodbye to this staff.

    Stacy D

  • Everyone is so kind and helpful! They are helping take care of two decades worth of pain and mobility issues – I’m incredibly grateful!

    Kristi K

  • I worked with caring therapists who gave excellent advice and exercises when I had my neck fused. The results were outstanding. I recently broke my hip and have gone back for additional physical therapy. The staff is very knowledgeable and the best thing is that they don’t profess “no pain, no gain”.

    Judy M

  • I loved going to Advent PT! Everyone is so nice and they are so very great at what they do! I would highly recommend them all!

    Robin H

  • After back surgery, I had physical therapy for several months. I now feel fantastic. I owe a lot of it to the staff at Advent. They are very professional and I have only the best to say about Advent Physical Therapy.

    Karen J

  • I owe my health and well-being to the staff at Advent. Without their help, I would be in a tons of pain. This is an awesome place that cares about you as a person and your health. They give 100%.

    Casey S

  • It was my first time going to physical therapy and I give Advent 5 stars! The staff is super friendly and I couldn’t have asked for a better place! I would definitely recommend them! Thank you for helping me get back on my feet after my accident.

    Allen F