Find a Physical Therapist for Post-Surgical Rehab in Byron Center, MI

Physical Therapist for Post-Surgical Rehab in Byron Center

At Advent Physical Therapy in Byron Center, MI, we are passionate about assisting patients with their musculoskeletal rehabilitative needs. We use the latest techniques and technology to provide treatments for a variety of conditions, including post-surgical rehabilitation.

For many patients, surgery is a last resort for treating an injury or physical conditions, but ultimately, it may be necessary for optimal recovery. One reason that people prefer to leave surgery as a last resort is that surgery requires a grueling recovery process with new physical challenges while your body heals.

At Advent Physical Therapy, our physical therapists can help you overcome these challenges with a comprehensive post-op rehab plan.

What is the goal of post-op rehab?

The main objective of physical therapy is to assist patients in rebuilding the strength and flexibility of muscles to help the body heal and to help with pain management. At Advent Physical Therapy, we understand that each post-op patient will have different goals depending on the nature of their surgery, including:

  • Rebuilding strength and flexibility
  • Developing balance and coordination
  • Restoring range of motion
  • Preventing the buildup of scar tissue
  • Assisting in pain management
  • Completing simple daily tasks, such as getting dressed

How Advent Physical Therapy can help you

Each patient is unique and has different goals and needs, so your physical therapist will work with you to develop an individualized treatment.

Treatments vary depending on your surgery, age, medical history and your overall wellbeing. Each treatment is personalized and may make use of some of the following techniques:

  • Exercises and stretches to strengthen the muscles
  • Cold and hot treatments to help manage your pain
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Manual therapy
  • Patient education and more

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Physical therapy is beneficial before your surgery too. Ask your physical therapist about pre-surgical rehabilitative options.

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