Gait analysis in Hastings, MI

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Balance may be something that some people in Hastings, Michigan struggle with on a daily basis. A gait analysis may be able to help you improve your balance and get other benefits, too. Luckily, there’s an experienced physical therapy team right here in town that can help you with a gait analysis.

Advent Physical therapy has been offering high-quality physical therapy services to the residents of Hastings, Michigan for the past 23 years. During this time, our team has helped patients treat a wide array of medical conditions and injuries. One of the reasons our treatments are so effective is that we personalize them to you. This is because we’re aware that everyone experiences their condition or injury differently, which is why we’ll never try to set you up with some cookie-cutter therapy plan. Instead, we’ll create a personalized therapy plan for you that targets the specific issues you’re having. This philosophy of personalization is one reason we use a gait analysis in our Hastings, Michigan office to assist people with balance problems.

How a gait analysis may help improve your balance in Hastings, MI

If you have balance issues in Hastings, Michigan, you may be aware that physical therapy may be helpful in improving your balance. However, you may not be aware that the way you walk, or your gait, may be strongly related to your balance problems.

Our team uses a gait analysis to help you pinpoint and understand issues with how you walk. One issue that our gait analysis may be able to help detect is muscle weaknesses and imbalances. Our analysis of your gait may also help you find out which of your joints don’t have the correct range of motion. It may even be able to help you determine the cause of pain you’re experiencing in your muscles or joints. This may be helpful for you balance because we know that one or more of these issues may be the main culprit in your balance difficulties.

By performing a gait analysis, our team may be able to help you better understand why you’re losing your balance in the first place. Once you and our team have the results of your gait analysis, we can work together to create a physical therapy program that’s personalized to your balance problem. Ultimately, this information may be the key to you getting benefits from your therapy that may include:

  • Increasing the mobility of your joints
  • Strengthening any weak muscles that you need for balance
  • Reducing the number of dizzy spells you have
  • Decreasing pain or discomfort you’re experiencing

These and other benefits may be possible for you thanks to a gait analysis from our team at Advent Physical Therapy. However, there are other services we offer that may help you work toward improving your balance as well.

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