Natural treatment for vertigo that can help you keep your balance

Natural Treatment for Vertigo

Does the room seem to spin around you at times? Do certain head movements cause this sensation? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s likely that you have a balance issue called vertigo. 

Medical researchers report that about 5% of Americans experience vertigo every year. That might not seem like a lot. However, this means that more than 16.5 million Americans could suffer from vertigo this year based on current population statistics. Physical therapists can offer vertigo sufferers a natural form of treatment called vestibular rehab. 

How can this natural vertigo treatment benefit you?

Vestibular rehab is considered to be a natural treatment option for vertigo for several reasons. Primarily, it can be classified as natural because our therapists don’t use any drugs during vestibular rehab. Typically this treatment technique focuses on therapeutic exercises. It might also involve a type of hands-on therapy called manual therapy. 

Medical studies show that vestibular rehab can be very effective for patients with vertigo. One such study reveals that 67% of the participants who had vestibular rehab reported significant improvements in their symptoms. Some of the benefits this type of therapy can provide are:

  • Improving posture — Posture is the position in which people hold their bodies while moving or at rest. Vertigo patients often have poor posture. This is because they’re constantly trying to position their bodies in ways that help them maintain their balance. Vestibular rehab can help vertigo sufferers improve their posture. Researchers in one study report that 92% of the study’s vestibular rehab group had postural improvements. 
  • Increasing ability to walk — Walking is one normal task that can be much harder when you have vertigo. Fortunately, vestibular rehab has demonstrated it can help vertigo patients improve their ability to walk. One study used a six-minute walking test to evaluate the walking ability of vertigo patients. This study found that the patients who had vestibular rehab for six weeks walked more than 85 feet farther during their next walking test.

Find natural treatment for vertigo at Advent Physical Therapy

Are you or someone you know struggling to find natural treatment options for vertigo? Our team at Advent Physical Therapy can help you with vestibular rehab. We’ll start your therapy by having you come into one of our clinics for a complimentary screening. This will give us the chance to observe your symptoms firsthand. Next, our team will build you an individualized treatment plan for your vertigo, which can include vestibular rehab and other beneficial therapy methods. 

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