Running training program in Byron Center, MI

Running Training

A running training program is one of the best ways you can get and stay in shape. Having a plan that you can follow can keep you accountable and give you a clear path from the start of the program to your ultimate goal. The Advent Physical Therapy office of Byron Center, Michigan, shares the benefits of having and sticking to a running plan.

What is a running plan?

A running plan is a schedule of exercises that conditions your body toward an ultimate goal. For many beginners, a common achievement is going from the couch to completing a 5K, which equates to just over 3 miles. Running plans can be tailored to the individual based on their fitness level and desired goal.

What are the benefits of a running plan?

  • Getting exercise — One of the best benefits of a running plan is improving fitness and overall health. Exercise releases endorphins that reduce stress and make you feel better. Getting the blood flowing improves cardiovascular health and aids in keeping a healthy weight.  
  • Having a goal to work toward — A running plan will put your stated goal down in front of you. This avoids vague goals like wanting to get in better shape where progress can be difficult to track. Running plan goals should be strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Examples may include being able to run for 30 minutes without stopping or being able to run a mile in under 10 minutes.
  • Help prevent injury — Running training programs are designed to start slow and progressively get harder as fitness improves. Novice runners may spend significant time walking at first to ease into a return to exercise. This can help prevent you from overexerting yourself and straining a muscle. Days off are built in to the schedule to help the body recover and avoid overuse injuries such as shin splints or tendonitis.

Creating a running training program with Advent Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a great tool that can work with a running plan. The therapist can design a program based on your needs, adjust the schedule based on breakthroughs or setbacks and treat muscle soreness and overuse injuries. If you are in the Byron Center area, contact us today to schedule your initial appointment.