Sciatica treatment: Where can you find it in Kentwood, MI?

Sciatica Treatment

If you’re suffering from sciatica in Kentwood, Michigan, you may not think it’s possible to find sciatica treatment nearby. However, our team at Advent Physical Therapy can help you get this and other types of physical therapy right here in town.

Our Advent Physical Therapy team has been providing high-quality physical therapy to the residents in and around Kentwood for more than two decades. All our time spent helping patients with various types of therapy has taught us some important lessons. For instance, we’ve learned the importance of performing a thorough initial evaluation on every patient. Our therapists have also learned the value of listening to and answering the therapy questions and concerns of each patient. Most importantly, we’ve learned that personalized therapy plans are the most effective at helping our patients. These lessons all come together in the sciatica treatment plans we offer at our Kentwood clinic.

Some therapies we use in sciatica treatment plans in our Kentwood clinic

If you’re experiencing pain in the lower back and legs, you may have a condition called sciatica. Our team in Kentwood can help you find sciatica treatment plans for this condition.

Sciatica is a condition where one or both of the sciatic nerves become pinched or damaged. The sciatic nerves are rooted in your lower back, and they run across your buttocks and down the back of each leg. There are many ways sciatica may be caused. For instance, herniated discs in your spine may pinch a sciatic nerve. Impacts to the back while playing sports can also injure the spine and cause sciatic nerve pinching or damage. Also, medical conditions of the spine like degenerative disc disease and spondylolisthesis can lead to sciatica.

No matter what’s causing your sciatica, you’re likely to experience certain symptoms with this condition. The most common symptom is pain. Sciatica pain has been described as burning or sharp pain. It’s also unique because it often feels as if it radiates from the lower back to the legs. Another symptom common to sciatica patients is numbness or tingling in the legs or feet. This condition may also make sitting for long periods difficult, and you may also have trouble standing up when you have sciatica.

To help treat sciatica symptoms, our Advent Physical Therapy team uses treatment plans that may include therapies such as:

  • Electrical stimulation
  • Targeted stretches
  • Exercises to build core strength
  • Low-impact cardio conditioning
  • Manual therapy

Our team in Kentwood is looking forward to helping you find effective sciatica treatment. However, there’s one step you’ll have to take to begin your treatment process with us.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.